Cybex's Chic Baby Carrier Doubles as the Coolest Fashion Accessory


Photo: Cybex

As much as we're all about a fashionable and functional stroller that can practically do everything but change diapers (one day, right?), sometimes baby-wearing is the only way to get the little one to chill. However, have you ever tried to finagle a baby wrap around your body with one arm while bouncing a screaming toddler in the other? And while we love our versatile (but often bulky) baby carrier, there are times when we don't want to look like a walking baby backpack. 

For our next baby-friendly occasion when we'd prefer not to sacrifice our personal style, we'll be reaching for Cybex's multi-position Yema baby carrier ($200 to $300). It allows parents to wear their babies in front, on their hip, or on their back, yet it's so modern and sleek that you'll practically forget it's actually a baby carrier. Featuring an adjustable seat panel and head rest, the carriers are suitable for little ones weighing 7.7 to 33 pounds and offer full neck and back support. It's as comfy for parents as it is for baby, too: The carrier's intuitive design, comfortable padded shoulder straps (which can be worn two ways), and a padded waist belt make it easy to use for moms and dads of all body types. 

The European brand also kept your little one's development in mind when they designed the carrier. They note that that while your baby's spine slowly straightens in a process that takes over a year, the carrier helps keep baby in the "spread-squat position, which promotes the continued healthy development of the hip joints."

Available in a range of stylish fabrics and designs, we're particularly fond of the Stardust Black version with snakeskin-embossed leather-like accents. You can shop the Cybex Yema online at The Baby's DenAlbee Baby, and Buy Buy Baby, to name a few retailers.