Fashion Mamas is nothing without its members. These brilliant women make magic daily, and we are so grateful to have each and every one of them in our community. Below are some of their Fashion Mamas Stories — how Fashion Mamas has impacted their lives, in their own words. Thank you to our inspiring members for their incredible support. We built this together! 

"There is an incredible synchronicity within the Fashion Mamas community. Natalie has done a remarkable job of curating a diverse group of women who are all linked through the bond of motherhood. These intelligent, driven, and nurturing multi-hyphenates are a constant source of inspiration and have become some of my closest friends. These ladies, this group, motivates me to strive for greatness, lifts me up when I need a boost, and keeps me sane amidst the constant total manic ceaseless chaos that is the life of being both a professional and a mother."

Daisy O'Dell, DJ, producer and composer, and music supervisor


"I have attended many events and I always feel honored to be a part of this extraordinary group of women. The transparency and openness I feel in this tribe of fashionistas is refreshing and unique to the industry. It's wonderful when women celebrate each others' success, and I continue to be inspired by this community who is connected to what really matters. Thank you!" 

— Angela O'Brien, owner and creative director of Cleobella


"Just last year, I realized that there wasn't any value in all my hard work without having a tribe to celebrate and grow with. I told myself 'I will find my tribe.' I put it out in the universe and, low and behold, a friend of mine posted about becoming a new member of Fashion Mamas. I've never felt like I belonged so much; I'm inspired every day by the beautiful and strong women in this group and feel so pampered every time I get to go to a Fashion Mamas event! The relationships and partnerships I am building from this group are priceless. Thank you, Natalie, for creating this community and for letting me be a part of it."

Heather Roma, fashion consultant and pop-up shop producer


"I first met founder Natalie when she was pregnant. Throughout the next couple years I truly looked up to her as she shuffled her busy life with mama life in a way that made me feel like I too could make it work! A few years later I had my baby boy and Natalie invited me to join the club. I was so honored and excited to be able to learn from other women like myself on mommy tips and tricks, how to shuffle both lives , and so much more. Thank you Natalie and all you Fashion Mamas!"

Stella Simona, founder, creative director, and designer at Haati Chai

"I have met some of my most favorite LA ladies through Fashion Mamas. It is like an industry sisterhood! We all understand what each is going through not only from a mom perspective, but also the prospective of businesswomen in this niche industry."

— Meridith Layne, founder of Coveted Things

"It's so wonderful to have a group of like-minded women who are working in the same general field and mothering at the same time! What a juggle! Being able to have an extended network of women who are on the same page is amazing!"

— Rachel Pally, owner and designer of Rachel Pally

"Fashion Mamas is a revolutionary network for all things motherhood and business. I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without it this last year! When I was relocating from Atlanta to Los Angeles, a single post in the Fashion Mamas secret Facebook group connected me with my current home, and I have found babysitters and business connections all in a day on the group feed. I have also made so many wonderful friendships at local events that have evolved into weekly play dates and strategic working relationships. Natalie has created a space for women to connect and share all facets of themselves, not only as mothers, but as business owners and creatives, all working towards manifesting dreams and helping each other achieve them."

Susanna McMillan, founder and designer of Native Wilds

"When I found out I was expecting twins, I worried my glam jet-setting days were numbered. But when my babes were just months old, I was lucky to stumble into what was then this brand new club. It's so far from the typical paranoid, fear-mongering moms' club, and instead makes parenting feel like a very chic club behind velvet ropes. It's been a huge — bigger, more important than I even realized I needed — sense of inspiration, fun, and friends!"

Alesandra (Alice) Dubin, editor at Bravo 

"I truly have to say, I have met some of the most wonderful women through Fashion Mamas! I have already started to collaborate with some, and am just always inspired by all. I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with these amazing women and support each other in all the things we are doing!"

Samantha Gutstadt, actress, writer, and blogger


"I love being a Fashion Mamas member!  The events and networking are incredible, and I have made so many amazing new friends. It really helps you feel more linked to the community and less alone as a mom and entrepreneur."

— Jenna Jackson, founder and CEO of August

"It's so energizing to be surrounded by and inspired by such incredible women doing so many amazing things."

Rachel Blumenthal, founder and CEO of Rockets of Awesome

"The first Fashion Mamas event that I attended was to learn about the new website The Tot at WeWork in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood, where the new women's workwear brand Argent hosted us in their showroom. While FMSF brand ambassador Sylvie Esmundo interviewed The Tot founder Nasiba Adilova, I met Argent CEO Sali Christeson and a new friendship was born.

As a young woman with a background in the corporate world, Sali understood how important it was for me to use clothes to present myself professionally without sacrificing my personal style. We just clicked so well! Now we see each other regularly and I always head to the Argent showroom in San Francisco to boost my work wardrobe, see the latest collection and have Sali style me."

— Talia Kennedy, senior product management & strategy lead at Apple

"Before we even opened our first location of tenoverten nail salon in LA, Fashion Mamas opened their arms and community to us by spreading the word and supporting us from the very beginning. It felt so wonderful to have that network and to be able to build meaningful relationships with other Fashion Mamas members in a new market for us. Now we feel totally at home and love the Fashion Mamas community for the warm welcome!"

— Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder at tenoverten


"After having my second baby, I was hesitant to continue to pursue my blog full-time. Once I joined this community I felt inspired to continue with my passion. There are so many moms that are part of the Fashion Mamas community that made me realize that you can do both and that you don't need to decide. I'm so glad to be part of a community thta gives me the confidence to keep moving forward with family and work!"

— Kate Brennan, blogger at The Chic Series

"I am so grateful for this group and for meeting Natalie two years ago at a house party in Palm Springs during Coachella. I moved my family back here about three years ago after partying hard in Tokyo for almost 10 years and taking Zooey to events since she was three-months-old. It was a huge culture shock for us to transition to a slower lifestyle here in the US. I felt a huge void here at first. In Tokyo, I was surrounded by people in the industry all the time, but the decision to move back to the US was not for my happiness but for the well-being of Zooey. She had to have a more routine and stable lifestyle so I sacrificed what I enjoyed, to give her what she needed. I felt it was time for me to grow up and be the best mom I could be for her.

Fast forward to the house party in Palm Springs. My friend who was hosting the party recommended that I meet Natalie and ask about Fashion Mamas. She knew I was struggling a little emotionally because I was feeling so out of place here. The only time I was surrounded by anything event or fashion related was with style bloggers friends who didn't have kids. While I still did bring Zooey to those events in LA with me, they weren't the best kid-friendly ones. My friends were awesome with Zooey, but it just didn't feel right. Once I finally joined Fashion Mamas, things started to get exciting again. I always loved attending events so I attended everything that I could, even if the drive was bad! All the events were kid-friendly and Zooey made some friends along the way. I found my place again and this time, it was more welcoming for Zooey. Whenever I tell her we are going to a Fashion Mamas event she gets really excited and looks forward to going!

I've also made some really good friends within the group that I feel are like family and our kids are becoming good friends, too. I love that I can talk to these mom friends about atypical mommy things and not be judged. I feel so lucky to have met moms that 'get me' and know what I'm talking about when I vent about my work. Fashion Mamas has really been emotionally supportive and has also given me a place to contribute everywhere I can. It sounds cheesy but I totally feel like I have a badass #momsquad now. Thank you Natalie for creating Fashion Mamas and bringing us all together!"

Mai Nguyen-Miyoshi, social media consultant and buzz creator

"Fashion Mamas has been so helpful for me to get out (with the baby) and see other mamas going through the same thing I am! I'm such a fan of what you have built, Natalie."

Sarah Boyd, founder at Simply Inc.


"I think we as moms always have a little bit of guilt that we could be doing more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. The daily process of raising your children, you always feel like 'Could I have done that differently? Was that the best way to respond? Am I being present enough?'' Being a part of the community of Fashion Mamas reminds me that I am not alone in this— and it's in this guilt that we all find a commonality and level of understanding that you can't find anywhere else!"

Julie Solomon, publicist, blogger, and marketing strategist

"My friend Patricia Williams of Black i Boys suggested I join, and I'm so happy I did! I'm full of gratitude for meeting so many other moms who are running their businesses and raising children. It's been rad to find a niche of women who encourage and support each other. There's definitely major #FashionMamasSynergy happening: Hey Babe! just finished a collab with Le Future Kids and was commissioned to create a custom jacket for Giana's art show back in April! Natalie has created an inspiring community, and the events are next-level. I look forward to meeting more Fashion Mamas as the community grows."

Natascha Snellman, owner of Hey Babe!

"My brand clients — primarily in the organic food space — are always seeking to partner with female thought-leaders, creatives, influential moms, and digital content creators to create engaging and meaningful content for social platforms, which tells an engaging story. I was delighted to partner with Fashion Mamas for a marquee brand, where these mamas created stunning and authentic Instagram and blog posts around the brand, featuring their families, unique points of view, and approach to the importance of a healthy lifestyle for mom, dad, and kids. Thank you!"

Chrystina Woody Train, digital media and brand marketing consultant


"I met FMLA member Luddivina of Rich Honey through Fashion Mamas. We are producing awesome tote bags and will be continuing to work together!"

— Ahlem Platt, founder of AHLEM Eyewear

"Fashion Mamas provides an amazing community of like-minded moms who are willing to lift each other up. I have made great strides in my little business since joining FM, including hiring a seamstress and being featured in several publications!  I have also made a few friendships, including one with FMLA member Marie Rafferty who also has a diabetic son, just like me. She has guided and encouraged me through this MOD journey. Having this supportive and inspiring community has propelled me to a new level I didn't know I could acheive!"

— Liliya Gavryush, founder of Leela Threads


"As a fashion lover, and now Fashion Mama, this community is so incredibly inspiring and motivating! It's so nice to have fellow workin' mamas to collaborate with, mix and mingle with, and, of course, learn together with as we tackle the hardest profession of all — motherhood!"

— Emily Bernstein, owner of Owner, PM Public Relations

"I never thought that being in a mommy group would help so much with motherhood. Being in Fashion Mamas has brought me to understand that we are all in this together, with no judgments or competition!"

Jennifer Sung Pak, owner and designer of Gjenmi Jewelry

"Fashion Mamas has allowed me to breathe and say 'Okay, this can be done!' It's comforting to know so many beautiful women can be successful and creative, and still have families. I have gratitude in being part of a community where women support and celebrate each others' lives. It's a perfect example of having it all and working together!"

— Melissa Meister, founder and creator of Style Station

"Fashion Mamas has introduced me to the most motivated, inspiring group of women who are ready to support, connect, and lift each other up when needed — it's a beautiful thing to witness! I have acquired clients and business opportunities monthly, on a consistent basis. Fashion Mamas rocks!"

Dee Murphy, interior designer and lifestyle blogger

"On a personal level, I've met you so many inspiring and amazing mamas through Fashion Mamas. I love that I get to spend time with like-minded women who are dedicated mothers and kick-ass entrepreneurs. On the business front, I was able to connect with FMLA member Yvette Charlton and help her with some digital ad campaigns for her brand, La Vie Boheme Yoga. Yeah!"

— Annette Vartanian, blogger at A Vintage Splendor

"While I haven't been fortunate enough to attend any events yet, Fashion Mamas has shown me that I am not alone as a mom struggling to make in in this industry. The support that I have gained from women whom I haven't even met yet gives me hope that I can succeed in my endeavors. I moved to San Diego only months before becoming pregnant. Being pregnant without any family or friends (besides my man) is extremely lonely, and it has been wonderful having support of women who are able to relate."

Nixi Nicks, stylist and blogger


"Meeting other mompreneurs has been the highlight for me. Their willingness to share their wisdom and kindness is such an inspiration."

— Ria Faust, owner of Sugarcane Clothing

"Fashion Mamas has been a wonderful way to gain contacts and connections with other powerful and inspiring mamas doing fantastic work!"

— Sasha Mayer, creator of MyWillows

"I recently joined Fashion Mamas and attended my first event. It's also my first time joining a mother's group and I'm so grateful for the love, support, and care this community brings. I have a 14-year-old step son and I'm a new mother to a baby boy. It can be overwhelming caring for children while trying to make your dreams come true. In my case, I'd like to do more collaborations as an artist, sharing my talent to help connect others through diversity and beauty.

The mamas in the group each have their own unique talents and together, the diversity everyone brings is powerful. I'm also recovering from a major car accident from a few months back, and the group has really helped me figure out my routine, be brave enough to push myself in uncomfortable ways, and to remember to practice self care. The best part is that it's only the beginning and I'm excited to see what other adventures come about as I learn more about the group. Thank you, Natalie, for creating this safe and fab space for all of us to shine!"

Natalie Woo, program manager at Google and illustrator

"I've met so many incredible women who have become friends, and who inspire me both as a mama and as a professional woman. I worked in a corporate environment for such a long time, where I kept my private life very much that. FM has helped me to better merge these two complimentary sides of myself, both personally and professionally, so that each plays a role in shaping the other. I think seeing so many amazing women doing this so well has been an inspiration to me to better understand the woman I've become and also the person I want to share with the world. I love that FM's through line is really living your best life in all avenues and striving to balance it all."

— Kate Mazzuca, founder of Bespoke Boheme


"Launching a new brand is hard. I first connected with Fashion Mamas through sponsoring a NY event when I launched Parasol Co. I appreciated that the event was intimate and personal, which allowed me to really connect with FMNY members. I immediately formed great relationships with a bunch of the mamas — not only did I set up some key partnerships, I also connected with them on a personal level. They blew me away with their support and love. These women were smart, business savvy, connected, and believed in supporting each other in whatever way they could.

Shortly after, Fashion Mamas SF launched and I was eager to be a part of creating a similar support system in the Bay Area. It's been less than a year since I've been a member, but I have already met some really amazing women. We love attending Fashion Mamas events, but we have also connected to help each other find resources, drive business, and grow our businesses together!"

Lisa Hom, entrepreneur and founder

"I used to joke that the only reason I got pregnant was so that I could join Fashion Mamas! I love the networking it offers and the opportunity to meet cool boss moms who I can really relate to. It's comforting to have a community of women who share similar stories and struggles — women who know the answer when someone asks 'what swimsuit should I bring on my next vacation.' 

More than anything, I love the resources the group offers, from willing models for a last-minute segment to the best new kids brands, Fashion Mamas are always up for the job and in-the-know! In fact, I just hired FM's official photographer Howl & Rose to shoot my daughter's first birthday! I got her info off of the FM Experts Directory. I never would have connected with her otherwise!"

Ashley Ross Kraus, co-founder of Nash & Lee PR Shop

"Fashion Mamas inspires me to be the best version of myself. Becoming a part of a community with such dynamic career women who are also mothers has shown me that you can be both a devoted mother and a vibrant individual."

Wells Butler, co-founder of Ice Cream Castles

"Fashion Mamas has been great to meet other like-minded moms in San Francisco and beyond. It has been incredible to meet other moms and other women in general that are pursuing their dreams work-wise while also balancing a family. My son is still young (17 months) and my store is only two years old. When I feel like I can't do it or I'm not sure how to keep going, I can turn to some of the Fashion Mamas with older kids and businesses for advice."

— Pauline Montupet, owner of Le Point

"Thanks to Fashion Mamas, I know I'm not on an island; I am interconnected with fellow mamas and creatives, and no matter our physical distance, we have common ground, and a common understanding."

Lisa Ann Soltis, illustrator and designer of LAS Collective

"Fashion Mamas has impacted my life in so many ways. It opened my eyes to mamas really trying to have it all — career, family, and fun. The group introduced me to the most incredible women in the creative industry. And ultimately the group gave me the courage to start my own business after being in the corporate world for over 13 years. I'm grateful for this group and love watching in awe as all the mamas in the group follow their dreams while being amazing moms."

Nicole Neves, founder of Sequin Productions

"Fashion Mamas has been an amazing dot-connector in my personal and professional life. I have laughed with members while figuring out where to change a diaper at Soho House Malibu, cried with the moms at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and made my first debut on television with a fellow Fashion Mama! I am so happy to have a mother network to build relationships that will last a lifetime!"

— Haley Barnes, owner of Champagne & Milk


"I just joined but have already been so inspired by the incredible women who make up Fashion Mamas.  I am a brand new mom, and it is so refreshing to see how other mamas have managed to successfully balance their busy lives. I also love how supportive the group is. I can't wait to attend my first event and meet other mamas in person!"

Cheryl Eng, retail stategist at Apple

"Just so you know, Natalie, this baby of yours had an INCREDIBLE impact on the way I see women as a whole, and the fashion community, in particular. We all know how competitive it can get, but all the incredible members of FM (that and also watching Good Girls Revolt) just made me realize what an incredible power we have as a group, how amazingly supportive we can be of each other and what a difference it makes to talk to a fellow business mama at the end of a shitty day. No one can feel you the way they do. 

This community is really what inspired me to create the GRL PWR capsule collection I'm working on right now, and the fact that we'll be collaborating with Alliance of Moms (who we were connected to via FM as well) makes this project a living proof of this collection's concept. We'll be also working with fellow FMLA member Priscilla Vega on PR for this capsule, so it's almost exclusively an all FM-powered project! Thank you so much again for giving us all this amazing opportunity."

— Ola Omami, co-founder and creative director at OMAMImini

"Fashion Mamas has proved to be a valuable resource for me and my business, ranging from e-commerce to promising new leads for production. Not to mention a great group of new like-minded mamas that inspire me and I can call my friends. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be able to be part of this amazing group! Mamas coming together to support each other is exactly what I love most about this."

Erica Franco, founder of Body Language Sportswear

"Not to get too deep, but I was in a very dark place before I joined Fashion Mamas. The responsibility of new motherhood was weighing heavily on me, and though I was fortunate to have a couple of supportive mom friends in the city, very few were at the same life stage of trying to launch a business with a new baby in tow. It's a very specific lifestyle that comes with unique challenges. I didn't realize until several months after joining FM that I was depressed, because I had convinced myself that the dream of owning my own business was no longer possible as a mother.

It was only after experiencing the network of genuinely supportive mamas, who were coping with the same daily struggles and somehow making it work (not to mention crushing it), that I was inspired to pick myself back up and make it work, too. I'm beyond proud to say that I just launched my business a month ago, and I most definitely could not have done it without the support of Fashion Mamas and Natalie. Not only is the group killer for networking, I've also met amazing women that inspire me daily and whom I now call friends."

— Ruby Nichols, founder of Almanac of Style

"Fashion Mamas has impacted my life by inspiring me to be a better mama, wife, friend, and business owner. The example these women set and the encouragement and creativity that beams throughout the group has had such a powerful influence on me since I joined in January 2017. 

I became a Fashion Mama one year after moving back home to Los Angeles (after a four-year stint living in San Francisco), becoming a mama and with a heavy dose of PPD. Going to events and being surrounded by Fashion Mamas has given me the confidence to find a better life balance, to find happiness and to continue to evolve and to be my best self. I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to be a member of FM. Everything it has to offer, from the thoughtful and beautiful FM events to the support and inspiration from each member, proves that these are amazing women doing incredible things. The sense of community is so positive, unique, and strong. I look forward to future collaborations and opportunities to help other members in any way I can, and building lifelong friendships."

— Andria Marie Sato, owner of Lilikoi Design + Letterpress

"The very first Fashion Mamas event I attended was at Soho House. Myself and two other women were roaming around lost, trying to find the room the event was being held in. I remember being so annoyed and saying to myself why did I come to this thing by myself. (Side note I am the most awkward person when it comes to small talk, but made a pact with myself that when I joined this group I would put myself out there). Finally finding the room and getting settled, I randomly started speaking to one of the woman I was lost with and we started chatting about what else, our kids. Which led to our jobs, which led to everything else in between. We exchanged numbers and have since become friends and getting our kids together.

Cut to the very next event I went to, the same thing happened! Not the getting lost part, but meeting someone, chatting and becoming fast friends. It has been such a pleasure to meet all of these amazing women at this point in my life of having a new baby and being in a state of soul-searching and career change. I feel so immensely at home and comfortable within this group. Right now, that means everything to me."

Miriam Sternoff McKnight, wardrobe stylist

"As a recent transplant to Los Angeles, it has been beneficial to tap into this talented group of women for advice and trusted recommendations as I navigate the new landscape. I've even tapped into the group to jump in as swimsuit models and volunteers for a live broadcast segment I was working on for a client. If the willingness to support with that request isn't a testimony to the brave souls in this group, I don't know what is!"

— Shannon de Laat, communications whisperer

"Meeting Natalie by chance and joining Fashion Mamas has been an amazing experience. I've been able to network amongst peers in the industry and develop friendships with mamas who "get it." As an entrepreneur who happens to be the sole parent, having a social life or the time to develop meaningful relationships was quite the challenge. It either took away from my time with my daughter or took away from the business. I appreciate what Fashion Mamas brings to my life and business."

— Aman Athwal, founder of Telegraph Ave 

"I remember being pregnant and wanting to connect with other new or seasoned moms. I wanted to soak up any- and everything a mom could offer in terms of wisdom, advice, life hacks, or support. For the most part, I received none of that. That was the main catalyst for creating my radio show, Mom Life Yo, with T. Lopez. I slowly began creating and organically curating a wonderful community of moms who were warm and inviting, and I believe it was no coincidence that many of these moms were already connected to Fashion Mamas. The FM family made a lasting impression on me before I even knew who they were!

What I appreciate most about Fashion Mamas is that it embodies all the things I am hoping to create in the audio space with Mom Life Yo. The moms represented by FM do an amazing job of curating positivity and mutual care for their peers as a 'non-mean mom' group, especially in a city like LA that seems to be replete with 'mean mom' groups and personalities. The Fashion Mamas brand demonstrates and promotes the exact opposite energy, promoting and connecting moms who are supportive of each other’s businesses, kids, social ventures, and professional endeavors. At one point in my maternal development, I was so on guard for women and mothers with destructive attitudes and agendas. I’m not anymore. Through the Fashion Mamas network, I can talk to, listen to, and learn from wonderful moms and entrepreneurs, face to face. A network like that is invaluable for any and all moms who need access to help and support from other women. It’s been great. 

Fashion Mamas members are creative and appreciate the value of motherhood when it comes to relationships, families, and communities. It’s great to be a part of a self-driven network of women who enjoy being moms, have great intellectual conversations and make an impact on the world around them. I truly found what I was looking for as a mother and entrepreneur when I connected with the Fashion Mamas brand: kindred spirits who epitomize and dedicate themselves to feminine support and love for each other."

Breegan Jane, interior designer and radio host of Mom Life Yo


"Fashion Mamas saved me! I applied at a time when everything was flipping upside down. I had been working in the industry doing E-commerce and Social Media for an accessories company, and about to give birth to my third little baby. She ended up coming almost six weeks early while I was on maternity leave, and I was actually laid off from my job. That said, I was a bit devastated and a bit lost, I was also,or the first time, experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety, adding a whole new layer of chaos. The idea of being around anyone was overwhelming, let alone strangers and wildly successful mamas. But even though I wanted to crawl in a hole, I decided this was the universe setting me off on a new path — my true path.

I have always wanted to have my own line, specifically a kids swimwear line. There had been a million reasons why I never took action, but when I applied for Fashion Mamas, I put it out there. I was going to do it, and I would make it happen. When I was accepted, I know it's completely strange, but it was like everything just started to fall into place. I didn't think I was cool enough to be in the mix, but I was eternally grateful. I went to the Mamas Making It Summit as my first event for FM. I am not going to lie, I had so much anxiety that I almost skipped it but I got there and met some amazing women. I told each one about my new line, and the more I spoke about it, the more confidence I gained that I could do this. I've officially launched the line now, and I wouldn't be here without all of the mamas who have taken me under their wings giving me advice and support as I have hit hurdles along the way. I am also super thankful to be working with FM member Luddy and the Rich Honey team on all my knits that will be launching a little later.

I am still fumbling my way through everything as I balance three kids, this launch, and also working a side hustle building websites in my spare time. I am also absolutely terrified of what's to come, but I know that no matter what, the ladies of FM will push me to keep going. I owe so much to Natalie, and I just can't express how much FM has helped me both professionally and personally. Thank you!"

Jenna Davison, founder of CURRENT