Why This Minimalist Travel Stroller Will Become Your New Go-To

When it comes to traveling, minimalism is my ultimate mantra. (Now if only I could live by this "less is more" concept all day, every day.) Throughout my pre-baby global getaways, I've learned that living out of an itty bitty carry-on is the key to stress-free adventures — I'll never forget my first trip to Paris when I lugged a massive rolling suitcase up a six-story apartment's even itty-bittier flight of stairs — and it's a rule that's carried over into family trips with our little one. 

Enter this super compact stroller by GB ($250), which I've discovered definitely lives up to its "Pockit" name. Though I've already got a pretty sturdy Uppababy Vista that I love, its heavy-but-durable frame and roomy bottom storage doesn't pass my travel test. At the advice of several other globetrotting parents, my husband and I picked up this folding stroller shortly before a weeklong vacation to Seattle — and it's now my everyday go-to. This tiny tot transporter quickly and easily folds up into your average tote bag (saving us the hassle of checking it in pre-flight), it's a cinch to grab and go as you're heading out the door, and it takes up less space than a bag of groceries in my tiny car.

The other thing I love about this no-frills stroller? It lacks the full caddy sitch or under-seat basket (and this is a good thing), forcing me to ditch the unnecessary accessories, abide by my minimalist rule, and carry everything I need in a tiny backpack instead.

What's your go-to everyday or travel stroller? Share your favorite in the comments.