How Parachute Home's New Baby Collection Promises Safer, Sounder Sleep

Photos: Parachute Home

There's nothing quite like a full night of uninterrupted, restful sleep — but as we all know, dreaming of a complete stretch of shut-eye is often a mere fantasy, one that undoubtedly continues well beyond our little ones' teen years. (To all of us who worried our own parents sick with those midnight sneak-out seshes: How's that for a taste of our own medicine?) Add to the mix a tiny human who's yet to figure out how to doze off independently, and you can bet that crying it out will happen on both sides. (We've all been there!)

Whether or not your babe has successfully mastered sound sleeping, one thing you can give them is safer, chemical-free snoozing — and that's the idea behind Parachute Home's just-launched Baby Collection. After launching non-toxic, sustainable bedding, the millennial-faved textile startup expanded to essentials for our bathrooms, dining rooms, and laundry; now, the Venice, Calif.-based company is giving our nurseries the same minimalist and mindful treatment.

Priced from $19 to $149, the new Baby line is comprised of swaddle blankets, percale and linen crib sheets, shams and pillows, quilts, and cashmere blankets in soft, neutral hues. Just like the rest of Parachute's home staples, the range is crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton and pure European flax, all sans harsh chemicals, dyes, and synthetics.

We sat down with Parachute founder Ariel Kaye to find out how her customers inspired the latest collection, what surprised her most about developing cozy textiles for kids, and whether we can expect to be wearing Parachute basics in the near future.

Read on below, then shop the dreamy collection online here.

How long have you been thinking of launching Baby textiles, and what inspired you to finally take the leap?

 We’re thrilled to introduce our adorable new Baby Collection, especially because customers have been requesting it for a while! We kept hearing, “I want the same bedding, but for my child.” Today, people are designing their interior as a whole, not bedroom by bedroom. Our customers look to us for a certain aesthetic, style, and quality. They appreciate the minimal design of our bedding and the fact that we don’t make anything too fussy, so we drew inspiration from our core line.

What surprised you most when developing the Baby collection?

“Organic” is a term used frequently when it comes to baby products, but one that consumers should be wary of. I’m always surprised how frequently companies will manipulate the term when labeling their textiles. Fibers grown organically — but processed with toxic chemicals — may still carry the organic label. Instead, you should look for baby bedding that is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins are used. And yes, all of Parachute’s home essentials (including Baby) are Oeko-Tex certified. Your little one deserves to sleep with the safest bedding on the market. 


Can you tell us if there are any other children's products in the works? (Ahem, mini bathrobes!)

This is just the beginning of our Baby Collection. We’ll be involved in other aspects of a baby’s day-to-day routine, and we’ll be evolving it based on our customers’ needs and requests. Our community is among our biggest inspirations, so if there’s something you want to see, let us know! We’re listening.

 Now that Parachute makes bath clothing, do you have any plans to expand to other clothing categories?

We want our bedding, bath, and tabletop textiles to be a part of our customers’ everyday routines. Our focus right now is providing comfort — and enhancing people’s rituals — in the home. So there are no plans for clothing at the moment...but never say never. Pajamas would be fun!