You Need This Keychain In Your Life

Following last year's exciting design collaboration with Dresshirt, our next partnership is with BOXFOX—a rad, LA-based company specializing in clever, curated gift boxes. We teamed up its founder Chelsea Moore to design the locally hand-pressed "Mama" keychain, which can be added to any BUILD A BOX order for just $12. Check out our chat with Chelsea below, and scoop up a keychain for that stylish mama in your life soon!

What inspired you to launch boxfox?
After college, a good friend of ours was sick. With crazy work hours and a paycheck on the smaller side, finding a unique and meaningful way to say “we’re here for you” was impossible.  It got us thinking and grew into this idea for elevated and curated gifts for all the highs and lows of life, even when you can’t be there to participate. BOXFOX was created to bring people closer with innovations that make gifting more elegant, personal and undeniably simple. We believe gifting, for any and all occasions, can be a well-presented and true reflection of the relationship it represents. The idea for BOXFOX was born out of a need for something that didn’t exist. 

What were you doing before it?
I was working in advertising, where I met one of our founders and COO, Sabena. And before that I was at UCLA, where I was best friends and roommates with Jenni, the other cofounder and CMO. The three of our paths being brought together is my favorite example of fate at work. 

What is your current favorite box and why?
Right now, it has to be our LOVE YOU, MEAN IT Valentine's Day collection. This is our second Valentine's Day as a company, and this time we're really stepping things up with gifts that are perfect for your girls or from your man (or from yourself... our personal favorite). We've got things like notepads, lip-shaped gummies, chocolate covered sprinkle pretzels, handcremes, candles, and so much more. It's a lot of pink and we love it. 

What are your big dreams for Boxfox?
Too many to count. I want to keep growing the brand in new, unexpected ways. We also have some thoughts on how to make gifting even easier and more accessible to everyone, because ultimately that's our biggest mission. 

Why did you want to collaborate with Fashion Mamas?
We absolutely love what Fashion Mamas stands for as an organization and are so inspired by everyone in it, both professionally and personally! Though none of us are moms ourselves, we love that it's a supportive network for like-minded women.