Mama Goals: Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Photo credit:  @onekingslane

Photo credit: @onekingslane

For those who are unable to attend our inspiring #MamasMakingIt panels, we'll be sharing words of wisdom from one of our favorite superwomen here on the blog each month. January's mama muse is design extraordinaire, the ever-stylish Rebecca Minkoff. In addition to being the very first Fashion Mamas NY member, Rebecca is also a serious powerhouse, gracefully balancing both a wildly successful empire and a beautiful family that includes two little ones: Luca Shai and Bowie Lou. 

Here, Rebecca exclusively shares how she's making it all work and reveals the one prized possession that she'll definitely being passing on to her baby girl.

What is a typical work day like for you?
After dropping Luca off at school, I head to the office and I’m hit with a ton of meetings. Every day is different in that respect, but it could be with my design team, marketing, events, etc.  It doesn’t stop, but I usually try and leave around 6pm so I can play with the kids and do bath and bedtime.

What has been the greatest challenge of balancing a successful career with motherhood?
Using my time wisely! There is just never enough. Once I’m home I dedicate that time to my kids and husband. I never stop getting emails, so it’s just about knowing when to turn off. 

Did having a child inspire you to modify your career or discover a new talent?
Working out twice a week is really all I have time for, but it’s something I started to make sure to do for myself. More than anything, after I had kids my time management skills seriously improved! I never knew I could fit so much into one day.

What are your favorite organization tools or smart phone apps?
I still kick it old school and use a Blackberry for work! I also have an iPhone for Instagram and my calendar. Without it I would be lost! My schedule can be hectic—especially when I travel—so I can’t live without it.

How do you connect with your little ones when it's time to unplug from work?
We have a ton of pillows in their play space right off the living room. It makes it super cozy and fun to lounge around and play together. We’ll color, play games, read books - it just makes us all so happy.

What is your favorite "me time" activity?
I love to cook! It’s one of my favorite ways to unplug. Making a healthy dinner while drinking a glass of wine with my husband always hits the spot.

Cherished fashion item that you can't wait for your daughter Bowie to inherit:
Definitely my wedding ring.

Last but not least, will there ever be a Rebecca Minkoff Maternity or Kids collection?
One day! Not yet, but I would love to make that happen eventually.

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