MSJ x FMLA: Our First Fashion Collab!

Given that the fashion world is obsessed with all things customization and personalization, it's no surprise that Dresshirt has skyrocketed to success in just a short amount of time. The NY-based label founded by Marieclaire St. John is known for its Vogue-approved silk shirts that can be embroidered with your name or whatever phrase you please. 

To toast our website relaunch, we've teamed up with MSJ to introduce a baby-name custom embroidery on Dresshirt's signature Paper Sleeveless shirt, just like the one above. Shop it here now (one name plus "mama" per shirt), and learn more about the talented MSJ below. 

What inspired you to launch Dresshirt?
I wanted to redesign a classic. I would always wear a man’s shirt and pin or sew it in the back because I couldn’t find a shirt that felt like menswear but flattered my body. A tailored shirt is such a mainstay that it should continue to evolve and adapt to the lifestyle and taste of the modern woman. I found it exciting to take on that responsibility and create a garment that we can count on to make us feel strong, sexy and confident in our personal style. 

Who's your all-time favorite fashion mama?
I can’t even begin to chose just one stylish mama because there are so many! I have major Seventies style crushes on Bianca Jagger and Jane Birkin, pioneers of cool mama style. 

Of the more recent mamas, I would have to say I was in awe of Zanna Roberts Rassi’s effortless maternity style. I also think Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr manage to look impeccable at all times when on mommy duty.