The Wellness Practices How You Glow's Jessie De Lowe Can’t Live Without


Photos in order Alex Taman, Evangeline Lane, and Katrina Dickson

In anticipation of this Sunday's Kids Fashion Fair, we're taking the opportunity to become better acquainted with our superstar co-hosts. For this season's cool kids (and more) brand-filled fete, our founder Natalie Alcala will be joined by lifestyle blogger Lauren Gores Ireland and How You Glow co-founder Jessie De Lowe. In addition to co-creating the wellness-focused site, De Lowe is also a certified yoga instructor and art therapist, and recently added manifesting sessions to her list of restorative and therapeutic services. Beyond all that, this New York native — who currently resides in Santa Monica — recently become a first time mom to baby girl, Amelie. 

Considering Jessie's Instagram is one of our go-to places to check out healthful foods we want to eat, stylish breast feeding-friendly fashions, and inspirational destinations across the globe, we wanted to pick her brain about what wellness practices she's been leaning on most postpartum, as well as her wardrobe secret weapons, and what's surprised her most about mama life. 


First of all, congratulations on your new little angel! What's the most surprising thing about motherhood thus far?

Thank you! Everyday is full of surprises to be honest. Every single day is so different and it is truly miraculous to see this little being develop and blossom like a flower. I am shocked by what giant leaps can occur from one day to the next. I’m also surprised by my ability to run on the bare minimum amount of sleep. Before having Amelie I was a big sleeper and I was really nervous how I’d be able to survive motherhood’s sleepless nights. I’m amazed how I’ve adjusted to the “new normal.” My 5am wake up time is actually pretty comfortable for me now.

Obviously you love all things wellness, but has there been any practice in particular you've been leaning on postpartum?

I so look forward to my weekly Vinyasa Flow class at Yogaworks. I swear, it’s my therapy. Beach walks are my favorite way to incorporate wellness into the day for both Amelie and myself. The soothing waves calm us both and the fresh air is medicine for the soul — I try to do this every day. Since we’re up so early, sometimes my husband Brian and I take Amelie for a sunrise hike in the canyons, which is the most magical start to the day. I am also a huge proponent of massages as self care. I am addicted to Raven Spa, which luckily has a location near me in Santa Monica.

That said, what's the most "out there" thing you've ever tried in terms of wellness or beauty practices? We're not judging, just curious. 

I tried the V-Steam with some girlfriends when it was all the rage about a year ago. It was relaxing and enjoyable when I was doing it, and my friends loved it, but I must tell you, it burned my inner thighs so badly, I was nervous I would never recover! So beware, ladies!


Is post-baby dressing a struggle? What have been your styling secret weapons?

The first few months post-baby is definitely awkward. I felt like I literally had nothing to wear and it bummed me out to put back on the outfits I wore over and over when I was pregnant. The Beyond Yoga high-waisted leggings saved me! They are so comfortable and the most flattering. I threw them on with a cropped button down top (for easy breastfeeding). I also love Sloan button down sleep shirts; cozy for lounging but cute for outside the house as well.

You've traveled many different places with HYG. Do you have a favorite destination?

I have so many favorites. Top two would have to be India and Bali. I'm so glad that I went before having a baby because those plane rides are long and I don’t see us going back any time soon. But I do fantasize about relocating to Bali with my family for six months or so at some point. Sounds pretty dreamy.

Fill in the blank: having my daughter has made me more _______.

Patient. And Silly.