Lifestyle Sensation Lauren Gores Ireland on Motherhood, Fashion, and More

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Photos via Cibelle Levi

Our Kids Fashion Fair is right around the corner, and in light of that, we've been taking a closer look at our multi-talented co-hosts. Recently we got to know How You Glow's Jessie De Lowe a bit better, and now we're focusing on Lauren Gores Ireland, a new mama and the lifestyle blogger behind You & Lu.

Ireland grew up in a small town in Michigan and pursued journalism and political science studies at Indiana University before getting a gig as a morning news anchor. Blogging came about as Lauren opted to cover lighter lifestyle topics and wanted to make the move into the digital world, and now — living in Los Angeles with her budding little family — she shares her journey as wife, mom, and and style and beauty aficionado with more than 53,000 followers on a regular basis. That said, we though we'd take advantage of that knowledge and ask her a little more about what her young son has already taught her about herself, what she wishes moms talked about more, and what makes her feel the most beautiful. 

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Congrats on your little boy! Describe him in three words (if you can!)

Joyful. Strong. Soulful.

And what has he taught you about yourself so far?

My boy has taught me how to truly celebrate every day — even the most mundane moments feel new and beautiful to me. That's such a gift. I get to see the world again through his eyes, which has proven to me far more magical than what I had envisioned. He also reminds me I can survive on small amounts of sleep and (attempt) to remain sane through tantrums!

What's the number one thing you think women don't discuss enough when it comes to pregnancy or birth?

I expected my mama instincts to kick in on day one, and that I'd somehow know exactly what my baby wanted. But it took several weeks — months even — for me to really get into a groove and understand my boy's cues for sleep, milk, and mama cuddles. Motherhood doesn't come with a handbook, and a lot of it comes down to having patience in the process. 

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You look amazing. What's your current fitness routine?

Running after my newly-crawling baby is a mega workout! I think the sheer panic of a moving child is enough to make you burn a few thousand extra calories a day! It's no joke! Honestly, I have been really easy on my body, because too tough of a workout impacts my milk supply. I've worked closely with my nutritionist Kelly LeVeque and my trainer Mike Alexander for years and they've guided me. I follow Kelly's eating habits really closely. I avoid junk food and I'm active a few days a week with a light run or yoga.

Let's talk fashion. What was your philosophy when you were pregnant and what advice to you have to those struggling to style their bump?

I had these dreams of bohemian dresses that ever-so-perfectly billowed over my growing bump. But the reality is, I didn't know exactly how my body would change while pregnant. My bum grew just as quickly as that belly, so the boho dresses made me look round. Very, very round. I leaned toward more fitted pieces toward the end and embraced my new curves. I felt sexy in a new way, and I felt really proud of what my body was capable of. It's a journey, and I say rock whatever you feel beautiful in. You don't need to buy maternity clothes other than jeans. 

Finish this sentence: I feel most beautiful when __________.

I'm at the beach with my boy, watching him discover the world, while feeling so grateful. I live in oversized sweaters and little makeup nowadays, but let's be real, a good blow dry never hurts!