Six Health Food-Loving Mamas To Follow Right Now

Photo: @lonijane

As seen at our Fashion Mamas Fitness events, we love incorporating our little ones into our health-minded activities, which includes eating clean, nutrient-rich foods. If you're interested in incorporating more gorgeous colors into your babe's tiny diet and your own, you're likely on the hunt for new, creative, and — more importantly — delicious recipes that the whole fam can enjoy. Here, we've rounded up our favorite mamas to follow on Instagram for incredibly yummy food ideas — and overall life inspiration.


Photos: @lonijane

This stunning mother of two is an Insta-famous health food guru who lives in Australia. From jam-packed acai bowls to massive mason jars of fresh-squeezed juices, Loni Jane truly makes health food look like a work of art. Her cult-like following swears by her "Feel the Lean" e-book, which is filled with editorial-worthy photos and tons of unique recipes. 


Photos: @shutthekaleup

Don't get it twisted: Jeanette is not vegan nor ever claims to be. She is, however, a fitness and health enthusiast who knows exactly what works for her (super-toned) body and does an amazing job educating her many followers on the benefits of each item. Her Instastories are definitely worth stalking, especially during her Whole Foods runs where she reveals exactly what she purchases and why.


Photos: @sophie.jaffe

Sophie is the founder of Philosophie Superfoods, a yoga instructor, a retreat goddess, a wellness expert, an on-screen talent — you name it. On top of it all, she's a mother of two bright-eyed little ones who mimic her epic yoga poses and eat her brand's products by the spoonful. All the goals.


Photos: @weelicious

We love that Weelicious founder Catherine McCord makes healthy meals that are relatable to all types of families and budgets. We also can't get enough of her little girl, who Catherine props up on the kitchen table to enjoy a variety of smoothies and documents those moments on Insta. Start 'em young!


Photos: @ellenfisher

Loni Jane's pal Ellen lives in Maui and leads a pretty magical life. She proves that feeding your littles an entirely plant-based diet filled with vibrant fruits isn't even close to being dangerous or nutrient-deficient. In fact, her babes appear energetic, happy, healthy, and in love with all of the creative meals their mama prepares for them. 


Photos: @valleybrinkroad

This chef, caterer, and gifter is the tabletop queen — we love every single one of the spreads she dreams up for both clients and family members. Her Instastories are pretty inspiring too, especially her daily "Smoothie Time" vids where her little guy acts as sous chef (and taste-tester).