Twenty-Five Eight Is the Pregnancy & Postpartum Food Delivery Service of Our Dreams


Erica Mock

“My aim is to empower every woman to intuitively trust what her body guides her to eat.”

Photos: Howl & Rose

The newborn days are a lonely time. Days are filled with quiet moments, just you and your newborn. Days are sleepless, messy, at times painful, and overwhelming — yet all at once beautiful as you look into your latest creation’s eyes. When you have a few sacred moments to yourself (thanks to your partner or nanny or family or friends), you often elect to shower instead of eat, knowing full well that you deserve more than a bag of potato chips (at 6am) or bites of a meal replacement bar (at 6pm). The emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy and postpartum life is filled with sacrifices, but one thing mamas shouldn’t have to sacrifice is self-nourishment. This is where Erica Mock of Twenty-Five Eight can help.

“Twenty-Five Eight is the gift I can now offer all mamas throughout their pregnancy journey: before, during, and after baby, “ Mock — mama to sweet Ayden — explains. “My business is my way of taking care of a community of women. From my experience, these nourishing meals are what made me feel whole again. In my months of struggling with breastfeeding coupled with sleepless nights, nourishment was what I looked forward to the most. With each bite of an intentionally made meals I began to feel restored. I gained a whole new appreciation for what my body is capable of achieving when it is fueled with whole, unadulterated foods.”


Fun fact: the company name “Twenty-Five Eight” is a salute to all mothers, as these superwomen work as if they have 25 hours/8 days a week instead of the standard 24/7. Our members have had the distinct honor of trying Mock’s generous meals, both at a lunch honoring pregnancy loss with Our Sacred Women, and celebrating Fashion Mamas’ four-year anniversary at Lombardi House.

The company’s buzz has truly been a word-of-mouth experience, as Twenty-Five Eight hasn’t even officially launched, yet every cool mother in Los Angeles is adding this delivery service to their must-have list for pregnancy and postpartum self-care. The company is 100% operable and currently delivering twice a week: Mondays and Thursdays between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM. See a sample menu below, and place your first (of many — mark our words!) order here.