The Products That Second-Time Parents Really Need (And What You Don't)


A scene from last month's house tour with NYC member Rachel Blumenthal. Photo: Julia Elizabeth

Even amidst those seemingly endless sleepless nights and frazzled first trips out of the house, finding your way through motherhood for the first time still feels utterly magical and life-changing. Then comes the moment you decide (or discover!) that you're having a second child — and for some, all of those pregnancy pains, breastfeeding woes, and epic diaper blowouts seem like a walk in the park.

Now that you (mostly) know what expect the second time around, it's time to consider the products that you really need for that baby "sprinkle" registry. (Case in point: How many times did you actually use that wipes warmer?) Many mamas of two or more find that they don't need a full-blown baby shower when it comes to the second-born little one, which is why we've asked our multiple-kid members for their best advice.

From "no-brainers" like a double stroller to the best gear for multi-taskers (aren't we all?), check out the products and services that second-time moms could actually use (and the ones you can ditch) below.

Do: Get A Two-Kid Stroller

Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller with Newborn Color Pack Fabric Set and Ride-Along Board, $770

A double stroller also a must. I'm now partial to the Babyzen Yoyo+. It's perfect for newborns and has an new skateboard/bike seat attachment that toddlers love. 

Nara Walker, producer, writer, and FM Journal contributor

Photo: Jillian Kate

Photo: Jillian Kate

Joolz Geo2 Duo Stroller, $1249 and up

I just got the Joolz double stroller and I'm OBSESSED. It can be used so many ways!

Jillian Kate, model

Photo:  Bugaboo

Photo: Bugaboo

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller with Comfort Wheeled Board, $1344 and up

We haven't used a double stroller yet and my second is almost 10 months. Older sis loves this board attachment and we have the older version without a seat. She just stands and thinks she is so cool! 

Devon Kisgen, Los Angeles magazine marketing director

Ditch: Expensive Basics

[I recommend ditching the] expensive changing pad cover, burp cloths, or pajamas because they will inevitably get stained and you'll be using them over and over, so I've found it's smarter to save money in those items.

— Cammeo Murray, blogger, Cammeo Head to Toe

Do: Get Neutral-Hued Clothing


Makié Baby Blouse, $92

I only buy Lotus Springs (newborn to 18 months) and Makié (newborn up to 3 months) [which both] come in neutral colors... I especially love the black and white items so they can be re-used.
Jillian Kate, model

Ditch: New Bottles

I overbought on bottles, pacis, and diaper cream with our first and both babes didn't really use them... But every baby is different!

Jessie Shriber, Modern Blocks designer and creator

Another "skip" is a bunch of the same bottles at a sprinkle. Just because the first kid liked one brand does not mean your second or third will take the same kind! 

Jenna Davison, Current owner and designer

Do: Get Hyper-Organized

ToteSavvy, $72

I love our ToteSavvy! Instead of the standard diaper bag you can use this insert.

Jessie Shriber, Modern Blocks designer and creator

Do: Get a Baby wrap

Photo:  Solly Baby

Photo: Solly Baby

Solly Wrap, $65 and up

Definitely a Solly Baby wrap! Wearing my second gave me the freedom to play with my oldest, make school lunches, bath time, etc.

— Priscilla Vega, PR Vega founder

Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier, $180

The Mountain Buggy Juno [is one of our faves] and make ins/outs/feedings a bit easier, especially when chasing a toddler.

Nara Walker, producer, writer, and FM Journal contributor

Baby K'tan Carrier, $50 and up

I love the Baby K'tan; it's less bulky and easier to use than [other brands I've tried].

Jillian Kate, model

Ditch: Shiny & new Big-Ticket Items

We saved all our big things like our high chair, car seat and crib. I didn't need much for my second... [we] basically added small things like a few blankets, burp clothes, bottles (too bad my second one never took the bottle!) I saved a lot of onesies and clothes and still used them even though they were different sex.

Nikki Yip, stylist and Le Future Kids designer

Do: Get Versatile & Multi-Functional Items

Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'N Play Sleeper, $60

It's not the most beautiful but a rock n play saved us for the baby's sleep because it was so easy to move around the house or tuck in our small bedroom. This is random but I also try to get my toddler toys that aren't dangerous for the baby so that they can play together safely (they're 1 and 3). Everything else is leftover from our older babe!

Gigi Jack, Knit Wit creative director


DockATot, $195

DockATot was my go-to for the newborn second babe and had so many versatile uses: Changing pad, sleep station, and chill out area for my newborn.

Nara Walker, producer, writer, and FM Journal contributor


Baby Bjorn Mini Bouncer, $100

I suggest a light baby seat or bouncer [like this Baby Bjorn one]. We had the big mamaRoo and a friend let us borrow the Nuna leaf, which are both great—but something light and cheap that can be moved easily [to other rooms would be best] while cooking and bathing the older kiddos, for example. 

Devon Kisgen, Los Angeles magazine marketing director


QuickZip Crib Starter Pack, $40

I just gave birth to my second and [one of my] must-haves is the QuickZip fitted crib sheet [which] I blogged about. The time you will save (that you don’t even have in the first place, because you’re either elbow deep in dirty diapers or a screaming baby), is going to be priceless. No more lifting an eight-pound mattress or fighting with a crib sheet while your toddler’s pulling on your pants leg saying he has to go “pee pee” for the ten thousandth time, while trying to get your newborn back down for a post-blowout nap.

— Cammeo Murray, blogger, Cammeo Head to Toe

Do: Splurge On (Or Ask for) Services

Photo:  Postmates

Photo: Postmates

Aside from gear, I think the best other thing to have in any shopping list is a post-partum doula or night nurse and meal delivery. At some point in the beginning it becomes a "save yourself" situation so knowing when to ask for help or reinforcements is key. Best gifts for me are gift cards to Postmates, Instacart, and scrumptious healing meals/services — like the GlamSquad that visits your home for a mani/pedi.

Nara Walker, producer, writer, and FM Journal contributor