Inside Superfood Superstar Sophie Jaffe's Westside Sanctuary

Welcome to Mama Cribs, an FM Journal series where we shine a light on the gorgeous homes inhabited by inspiring mothers.

Photos: Ryan Eng

Sophie Jaffe follows her intuition. When Jaffe — founder and creator of Philosophie, raw food chef, yoga teacher, and Fashion Mamas brand ambassador — discovered her son had been accepted into the elementary school of their dreams, she decided then and there that the opportunity was too good to ignore. Since Jaffe and her family lived in The Valley and the school was located on the westside (Culver City, to be exact), it was time to make a change.

Any Los Angeles parent knows that geography and traffic can turn a good day into bad or a bad day into worse. So, Jaffe, along with her husband Adi, and their two boys Kai (six) and Leo (four), made the conscious decision to follow the calling to the west and create a new home nestled in the heart of Los Angeles. Jaffe’s new space is modern, bright, and zen. The pulse of the home originates in the kitchen that opens to the common living spaces. It’s here where Sophie creates, plays, meditates, and watches her family grow.

Moving can be difficult. How did you and your family embrace the change brought upon by your recent move west?

We loved our old home because it was so far from the reality of city life — a quiet little oasis where we were always in the backyard gardening, doing yoga, or swimming with the kids. I had a regular meditation and yoga ritual in that backyard. The kids learned to swim in that magical pool. We hosted multiple birthday parties for the babes there, held summer gatherings, and hosted moon circles. It was potent with our magic, but we knew that magic was sure to follow us anywhere we were to go. We’re now creating it in our new home!

Describe the vibe of your new home.

My absolute favorite part about our home is the light. Every single room has beautiful, bright light which brings joy and good vibrations to anyone who enters.

What is your favorite place in your home?

The kitchen is my dream room, and I’ve been really enjoying taking photos for the blog and all my Facebook Live broadcasts for Tastemade. It's literally a treat in itself just to be there because it's so bright and stunning!

What kinds of items do you love to surround yourself with?

I love using essential oil diffusers and pretty candles in every room of the house. We alway light palo santo each morning to bring in new energy and start fresh each day. I have crystals in every corner of every room, on tables, on stands. Our collection of beautiful items cultivate magic and bring together a healing, nurturing space where we can unwind and be ourselves.

Where do you and your family spend the most time in the home?

We spend most of our time in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. As a family, we love to bake superfood treats, whip up soups and smoothies, do yoga or HIIT workouts in the living room together, and read books, watch movies, and get crafty and make something like these flower mandalas.

What is your favorite item in your home?

Adi found this table from Rove and we fell in love! It's a clean, modern family table with a nice wood insert to extend the length. Mealtimes are so special for us, so I love having such a beautifully crafted table to gather around.

How have you made design changes in your home without compromising your aesthetic, especially when your family life is constantly changing?

We actually don't have toys all over our living room or huge, plastic items scattered throughout our community space. The kids have a playroom for toys, and that's where they belong. I want to feel as though my home is beautiful, something I'm proud to bring friends into, and not a space that can be taken over by the kid world. That being said, I share my passions with my kids; mixing bowls and spoons are toys for my kids when we’re in the kitchen together. They also love collecting and exploring the properties behind crystals and gemstones with me!

How have you translated your aesthetic into your child’s nursery?

We created a nursery that’s inspiring, but simple. Kai and Leo have a little teepee that’s a portal into their imaginary worlds. The orange and white striped carpet is one of my favorite items, because it grounds the space by adding warmth. The color also stimulates creativity.

What are some of your favorite accessories for your kids' room? 

I love these fun, whimsical Magic Carpet Young Yogi mats. They’re phthalate-free and are made with sustainable inks. It's always great discovering beautiful products that are eco-friendly and made with intention.

Where do you like to shop for decor items?

I love exploring the little shops on Abbot Kinney in Venice — they always have such fun, unique pieces like dreamcatchers and coffee table books!

Thank you Sophie for sharing your home and treasures with us! Follow her Philosophie adventures here and here.

Nara Walker is a Fashion Mamas LA member, producer and writer.