One Mama's Fitness Journey with Pure Barre

Photos: Howl & Rose

Back in January, I declared my love for Pure Barre and why its baby bounce back program is the safest and most effective way to get in shape postpartum. Around that time, I also committed to my own personal challenge: attend Pure Barre Hollywood (my local studio) three days a week for three months. Although my crazy schedule and a mischievous two-nager nearly kept me from sticking to my goal, I miraculously completed the challenge — and it was the best decision I ever made. To celebrate, we put together this fun shoot with one of my favorite instructors Jordan and the studio's owner Vanessa.

Last year I interviewed fellow mama Gwyneth Paltrow about her fitness routine, and she said that although there are tons of fitness crazes out there and she's tried them all to satisfy her curiosity, she knows exactly which workout works for her individual body, and she never really strays from it. I couldn't agree more, because everybody is different and every BODY is different. I know some beautiful mamas that are in killer shape that swear by indoor cycling, yoga, running, kickboxing, etc, and although I've given all those workouts a go, I feel my most lean and toned when I take consistent Pure Barre classes. 

Pure Barre starts fast from the get-go to warm up your muscles, then leads to some core floor work (including grueling but effective planks) and weight training. There's also seat (that's their nice way of saying ass) and thigh work, a much-needed cool-down for an entire song, stretching, a quick cardio session, more floor work to target your abs, a final blast for your seat, and a nice cool down. As mamas, our minds are always spinning with new to-do list items, so I use my PB time to shut everything out and focus on moi.

Three months of 60-minute "me time" for three days a week led to stronger arms to carry my little (big) guy, toned legs to confidently remain pants-free, an actual ass (I mean seat!), and a toned stomach so I can unapologetically wear crop tops, because postpartum fashion rules were made to be broken. (This belly has held a baby AND a 90-second plank, so why not celebrate it?)

Thank you Pure Barre for the new confidence! If you want to see what PB is all about, subscribe to their newsletter here for deals and event announcements.