Fashion Mamas Members Share Their Genius Travel Essentials

Photo: Solly Baby

Whether you’re taking a stylish staycation or packing up for a global getaway, traveling with little ones is both exciting and nerve-wracking. (Yes, you brought a gazillion diapers; oops, you somehow forgot socks!) That’s why we tapped our jet-setting Fashion Mamas members to share their favorite travel essentials — because we know you’ve already got your big and tiny wardrobes planned and packed.

From the best packing cubes on the planet to multi-tasking luggage and road trip must-haves to a game-changing airport hack, see what members will be stowing away on their next adventure.

“The roll-up bib by OXO is a lifesaver when we travel! Its supposed to be a mess catcher but I just love that you can intentionally drop food right into it, creating a makeshift bowl when you're on the plane or somewhere table-free.” — Natalie Alcala, FMLA founder + freelance fashion editor

“We love the Diggin Skootcase Ride On! We have an extremely active boy, and this makes travel super fun for him. He gets to pull it along or ride on his suitcase, and it means he has a scooter wherever we go. It's genius and cute, to boot.”

Ruby Sheng Nichols, FMLA member + travel/design blogger of Almanac of Style

“For my toddler I always make sure I have a book of stickers to keep him busy — we have the yo gabba Gabba book.” — Natascha Snellman, FMLA member + Hey Babe! founder

“Of all my baby gadgets and knick-knacks, this $10 item is the one thing I throw into my bag first. It’s got three stacking sections and a spout cover, which is super convenient for pouring formula powder into a bottle. I always keep the top section filled with formula and the bottom two with my little one’s favorite snacks — a hangry baby means a stressed out mommy.” — Danielle Directo-Meston, FMLA member + Uncover LA founder & editor/Mixed Makeup editorial director

“We LOVE this Lily Gold sit n stroll. It's a car seat with wheels and a handle that pops out so literally my kiddo never has to leave the car seat and we strap it into the seat on the plane. Game changer!” — Samantha Gutstadt, FMLA member + actress, model, and digital content creator

“I bought a couple of these Ikea TUTIG's before traveling to Tulum and it has become a favorite item. Most diaper changing pads are bulky and too small but this is large enough to cover any germy surface and rolls up small and is easy to wash. I buy them for every new mom I know. $5 crazy good.” — Carrie Hoffman, FMLA member + founder/designer of Carrie Hoffman Jewelry

“If I could crown one single item the miracle travel item, this is IT. This Buster Buckle Toy has kept our toddler dude majorly focused and obsessed for an entire flight to LA and distracts him from potential meltdowns on longer flights. It comes in multiple versions, so we actually bought another for longer flights once he finishes the first one. Perfect for infants to three-year-olds....add this travel miracle to your shopping cart now.” — Sylvia Bucoy Esmundo, FMSF Brand Ambassador + Influencer + Senior Merchandising Manager at Stella & Dot

“[These] were a lifesaver while packing for me and Zooey's things for our Tokyo trip. You just roll the clothes or undergarments into them and it keeps your suitcase organized. Also, if you're staying in a hotel you won't have to let your clothes touch the dirty drawers — Just move the packing cube into the drawer and use as-is!” — Mai Ann Nguyen-Miyoshi, FMLA member + social media consultant

“This has always been a huge hit for our family - particularly if you're staying at an AirBNB or just hitting up local restaurants [because] they don’t all have highchair options!” — Megan Sekkas, VP of Lifestyle Brands & Personalities at Fifteen Minutes

“This Japanese drawing board is a chic, modern take on the old-school Magna Doodle and is perfect for families that avoid screen time. Made with natural materials and dyes, it helps toddlers improve fine motor skills by drawing using the pen and shape magnets. Its flat design makes it easy to slip into our diaper bag or carry-on. I keep one at home and one in the car for entertainment on road trips!” — Talia Kennedy, FMSF member + Product Management at Apple

The Britax Car Seat Travel Cart is amazing! A friend lent it to us and it was a total game-changer. If you need to bring a car seat to the airport, it makes the seat easy to roll around, but best of all you can roll your kids around in it safely, too. Our daughter loved sitting in it and being pulled through the airport. It was hard to [convince her to] get her out of it and kept her close as well.” — Chloe Beckerman Hardt, FMLA member + Textile & Surface Designer at Dat Print Doe

“I love it because I would feed my son at take-off and landing for his ears. At take off he would instantly fall asleep nursing. I always left it on and he would stay asleep most of the flight with the cover blacking out the lights. It worked so well for us that when he would fall asleep on my husbands lap on the flight, he would put the nursing over on himself too to black out the lights! It has breathable holes and a wire by your face to keep it open so you can check on them easier than a blanket.” — Haley Barnes, FMLA member + Champagne & Milk blogger

“For moms with infants, there's no better travel accessory than the Solly Baby wrap. You can wear your baby through security and, depending on the airline, you can even wear them during take-off and landing.” — Priscilla Vega, FMLA member + PR Vega founder

“I've used it to travel with my little guy since he was born and it folds super small and super light even with the bassinet configuration. And if you don't want to gate check, it's small enough to fit in the overhead bin.” — Pauline Montupet, FMSF member + Le Point owner

“We love this suitcase! Our son loves to sit on it while we cruise through the airport and it turns into a sleeper! Mattress included [and it’s] worth every penny.” — Jessie Shriber, FMSF member + designer/creator of Modern Blocks

“I’m obsessed with The Carry-On by Away luggage. With a built-in battery charger, you don't have to look for outlets to charge up your phone when you're on the go and it's the perfect carry on for quick business trips, ‘cause no one wants to be away from their little ones longer than then have to.” — Randee Braham, FMLA member + lifestyle publicist

Photo: Meghan McCarty/KPCC

“This is the only way to survive airport travel. You pick [the valet driver] up, drive them to the airport with you and your fam, then they take your car and when you arrive back home they bring you your car and the whole fam piles in. [Then the driver] just leaves and you’re off!” — Kelly Zafjen, FMLA member + Little Minis owner

“I just designed a co-branded line of travel bags, [which] are great because they come in a pack of three sizes. They have a clear front so TSA can see what is in them and don't have to rummage through your things. They’re perfect for toiletries [so] if something spills, it won't get all over your bag. They are washable [and] my girls love tiny toys like Shopkins which fit great in them as well for airplane rides.” — Meredith Elliot Layne, FMLA member + Coveted Things owner