Designer TyLynn Nguyen on Entrepreneurship: 'Don't Be Afraid to Do Everything Yourself'


Photos: TyLynn Nguyen

Ahead of tomorrow's holiday Mama Market, we've been getting to know the talented makers behind the stylish bazaar, including our event's co-hosts. Joining our founder Natalie Alcala and superstar stylist Djuna Bel as host is model-turned-designer TyLynn Nguyen, whose chic and minimalist lingerie and sleepwear line is all about empowering women tap into their femininity for nobody else but themselves.

Born in South Carolina to a drill sergeant mother ("[who] would wear the most beautiful Eres lingerie," she once told the Coveteur) and a banker father, Nguyen lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children — and soon, her family will be welcoming another little one. Here, get to know the stunning entrepreneur and mama and find out how she found her path, why she doesn't shy away from getting less zzzz's, her beauty go-tos, and more, then shop her luxe pieces over on her website and at our Mama Market tomorrow.

Tell us a little bit about your career journey — where did you get your start, and what led you to your business today?

I started modeling at the age of 17, first photographed by Bruce Weber. I decided to go to college and study fashion design. I attended the University of Rhode Island on a full track scholarship and graduated with my bachelors degree in Textile Marketing and Design. While in school I had an incredible professor that pushed me to take corsetry classes at Rhode Island School of Design. There I flourished learning about the intricacies of undergarments and the importance of them. Fast forward, I launched my brand in March of 2015 and have enjoyed providing my clients with incredible timeless pieces. 

Your brand is sexy yet sophisticated. Has this always been the goal, or has it evolved along the way?

Yes, it's always been the goal. Women are not a man's doll to be dressed up. We are individual people with more than enough to offer. So wearing TyLynn Nguyen only brings out the natural beauty. It's in the clean lines and timeless styles. 


How do you run your successful company while raising little ones? Any advice for fellow mama entrepreneurs out there?

I run my business while my children are at school and asleep. I make the time to do what needs to get done but also I don't want to miss out on the beauty of parenting my children. I believe this is a sacred time. So sacrificing a little sleep is fine with me. Some advice for fellow mama entrepreneurs would be don't be afraid to do everything yourself. I always pray for stronger shoulders, never a lighter load.

You recently showed your collection in Paris, and it looked gorgeous! What are some of your favorite new styles, and what would you say are your hero pieces?

Thank you! Some of my favorite new styles are the Aloe dress, the nectar dress, and the myrrh underwire bra. All heroes too.


Your skin is always flawless. What are your current three favorite beauty and skincare products?

My three favorite beauty products right now are May Lindstrom's The Blue Lagoon (I use it every night before bed), African Botanics' Revitalizng Therapy Gel (for major back aches), and La Prairie's under eye cream

What are your big dreams for the TyLynn Nguyen brand?

My big dreams are for TyLynn Nguyen to be a globally recognizable luxury brand that women adore/must own and grab life inspiration from.