Superstar Stylist Djuna Bel on What It Takes to Make It In Fashion Today


Photo: Djuna Bel

Now that you've gotten acquainted with the talented makers behind this Saturday's holiday Mama Market, it's time to meet our stylish hosts. First up is stylist Djuna Bel, who's expecting her first child this fall. The mama-to-be has worked in the fashion industry for practically half her life, beginning in her teens as a model and eventually transitioning into styling, garnering an impressive list of clients (including brands like Levi's and Nike and mags like NylonW, and Paper, among others) and dressing cool stars like Beck, Zoe Kravitz, Camilla Belle, Rashida Jones, and many others. (Oh, and she opened a rad vintage shop in NYC somewhere along the way.)

Formerly based in New York, Bel recently relocated to sunny Los Angeles — and we must say, she's settled into the cool Cali girl lifestyle quite well. Below, get to know the model-turned-stylist and find out the star she loved working with the most, her favorite clothing labels, her top advice for aspiring stylists, and more.

Tell us a little bit about your career journey: Where did you get your start, and what led you to your business today?

I sort of stumbled into the fashion industry as a teenager when I modeled in NY and Europe. I learned a lot about the fashion industry and when times were slow for me, stylists would pay me peanuts to do returns or help on set. I didn't realize at the time, but I was really learning from the best. Later I opened a vintage shop [called Fox & Fawn] in the Lower East Side, but I missed working in fashion. I am still super passionate about vintage, but I really love what I am doing now and feel super grateful for the journey I have had. 

You've styled some of the coolest people and worked with the best companies. What has been a career highlight for you so far?

I just feel really lucky that I get to work with my friends almost everyday — but I have to say, working with Charlotte Gainsbourg was pretty cool!

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What makes you excited and what makes you nervous about becoming a new mama?

Everything! It was a total surprise so I am still coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to be a mom, but all the fear and excitement is part of the fun ride. 

What have been your favorite things to wear during your pregnancy?

I am obsessed with Doên. They make amazing pieces for pregnant and non-pregnant ladies. Hatch is also amazing. And I also love a Reformation wrap dress.

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You have our dream closet. What are your current favorite fashion brands out there?

Thanks! I mean, I am a sucker for Gucci and everything vintage — to me, vintage pieces are so much more timeless and usually better quality.  But I'll take some Gucci, Saint Laurent, Marco de Vincenzo any day!

What is your top advice for anyone interested in becoming a stylist today?

Intern! And show up ready for anything. A strong work ethic and common sense are the foundation (for anything). There's a lot of schlepping and annoying things that interns don't often realize are such important parts of the job: Working long hours, doing returns; it can be really tedious, but it's so fulfilling!