Rockets of Awesome Is Our New Favorite Mama Hack

Photos: Rockets of Awesome

Imagine never having to shop for kids clothing again. Imagine if cool, pint-sized gear that your little ones would actually want to wear magically appeared at your home a couple times a year. What would you do with that extra time? Would you finally take that hip hop cardio class on your fitness bucket list? Maybe get back into blogging? What about color-coordinating your closet or committing to that long-overdue girls' lunch that you've been postponing for, like, ever? Rockets of Awesome is here to give you back that time you deserve.

Founded by Cricket's Circle founder (and Fashion Mamas NY member!) Rachel Blumenthal, the convenient new company strives to streamline the kids shopping experience for parents. Offering in-house designed clothing for girls and boys sizes 3 to 12, Rockets of Awesome delivers 8 items four times a year to your door. Prices start at just $16 and you only pay for the items you keep. If you're not feeling a certain piece, don't expect to see it again — the genius team tracks behavioral data, so it knows exactly what works and doesn't work for your kiddo. 

Almost sounds too good to be true, right? Check it out for yourself here.

4/17/18: As the brand's service has changed since this post was originally published, this story has been updated to reflect the most recent information.