Mamas Making It at Soho House Malibu

On Monday, July 25th, we hosted our fourth #MamasMakingIt panel — this time at Soho House's seriously stunning Little Beach House in Malibu. Tons of our mamas ventured to the westside to learn how four inspiring and influential women — AKID founder Ashleigh Dempster, The Now founder Erica Malbon, Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe, and actress Elizabeth Mathis — balance successful careers with motherhood. All attendees were gifted a bundle of chic, California-inspired postcards by Maya Brenner x Paper Chase Press.

We learned so much about each mama, and quickly realized that BALANCE truly is the keyword. Sophie taught us that we should refer to indulgent food as a "treat" rather than a "cheat" to remove its negative connotations. Elizabeth explained that she keeps her marriage in check by staying both mentally and physically (wink, wink) connected with her husband. Erica revealed that Amazon Prime is her one-stop shop for all her family's needs. Ashleigh's pro tip for getting her kids to eat is preparing a food board filled with various bites for them to choose from. Genius. Stay tuned for our next panel!