Mama Goals: Lindsay Joyce of Babyganics

It's no secret that we're Babyganics fanatics. In addition to offering brilliant baby-safe products that get the job done, the company has been a major supporter of FM since the early days, and have stuck around to watch us grow. That's why we couldn't resist asking one of the brand's rock stars to be our next #MamasMakingIt subject. Get to know the fantastic Lindsay Joyce, Babyganics VP of Marketing.

What was your career path before joining the Babyganics team?

My career journey began in the beauty industry.  I feel very fortunate to have had an incredible start at L'Oreal in the Maybelline Global Product Innovation department.  It’s an experience that truly helped me fulfill my passion for creating and introducing exceptional products to women.  I was then asked to create a new private label brand for Galleries Lafayette in France before returning to L'Oreal as part of the core team responsible for the development of Ralph Lauren's beauty line. 

While beauty was my first love, my focus changed when my two new loves—my beautiful children!—were born.  Just like so many other parents I knew, I was really tuning into the food and products that my babies were exposed to.  

What inspired you to make this move?

Quite simply, it was JJ and Marlee, my kids.  While the thought of making a huge change in my career was a little daunting, I was craving something more.  We had Babyganics products all around our house (and in the car, the stroller, etc!) and one day I looked on the back of the package to find that they were located just a few towns away from me.  It hit me so clearly, I needed to reach out to them.  A cold call I guess you could say!  I connected with [founders] Kevin and Keith, before I knew it, I was building the marketing team at Babyganics from the ground up.

What advice do you have for busy moms looking to achieve a work/life balance? 

Fortunately, Babyganics is a very family-oriented work environment, so here, family comes first. For moms who don’t have as much flexibility, I think it’s essential to truly stop and enjoy the little moments as much as possible (in both your personal and professional life).

From baby steps, to pre-k graduations and dance recitals to soccer practice and family meals, it’s important to really be present and enjoy every minute you get to spend with your family.  And be vocal about your needs at work.  Be focused, do your best work, celebrate your wins and then go home to have dinner with your family!

What's your favorite phone app or tool for staying organized?

As a working mom on the go, Voice Memos really helps me to keep things organized. There are lots of times when I don’t have a pen and paper to write things down, so being able to record reminders for myself has proven to be a lifesaver.

What advice do you have for busy working women who are waiting for the "right time" to have children?

Waiting for the “perfect time” to have children may leave you waiting forever because I’m not sure there is a “perfect” time. Choosing to start a family is, of course, a huge decision. You become responsible for this tiny human being who depends on you for EVERYTHING. But I think once you have a child, you become flexible in ways you never thought possible. Your priorities shift and you do whatever it takes to make things work.

As a mother of two, what are your current favorite traits/milestones about your two kids?

My son JJ, who is now 9 (yikes!) has become such a beautiful piano player.  He blows me away with his ability to motivate himself to practice, challenging himself until he masters a new song.  Marlee, who just turned 6 has always possessed bravery and fearlessness beyond her years – traits that I admire in a very big way.  

What are your current favorite Babyganics products?

With over 100 household and skin care products, it’s hard to only choose a few! But, the foaming alcohol-free hand sanitizer is one of my go-to products. It's flu season, so I make sure the whole family carries a travel size bottle either in the car or in the kids’ backpacks.

I’ve also always loved our soothing protective ointment which now comes in a little lip applicator. It’s a petroleum-free ointment that works really great for soothing dry, irritated skin or chapped lips, and it is becoming a mainstay in my bag.

What sets Babyganics apart from its competitors?

Our dedicated team of experts are all moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents – we’re totally crazy about babies and the curiosity that they’re naturally born with.  As a company, Babyganics exists to help parents create a world where their babies can explore without worry. We formulate products to be baby-safe, effective, attainable and sustainable so that they do what they say they'll do, do it safely, and continue to do it reliably over time.

What are your big dreams for Babyganics?

My time here over the past five years has been dedicated to helping parents make the connection that safe products are the key to creating an environment where their babies can explore freely.  And that when babies have that ability to explore and discover in a safe place, then they develop in an overall healthier way.  So my big dreams for Babyganics are already coming true. More and more parents are becoming aware that they too can make great choices and that better products don’t have to be a luxury.  

What is your favorite thing about working with FASHION MAMAS?

We are truly inspired by the Fashion Mamas community. They are the working moms of today and it’s great to see such a powerful group of women band together to share their personal stories and support each other. Creativity is something I really value, because it’s so easy to lose it with the hectic lives we all lead.  I love how much the Fashion Mamas are nurturing creativity, both in their careers and in their children’s lives.

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