Explore Rose & Rex's Top 5 Educational Toys


We've been fans of the eco-friendly, interactive toys from Rose & Rex for some time now — which explains why we regularly count on the company to put the cherry on our events nation-wide. With an expertly curated stock that includes beloved brands like Seedling, Maileg, and Areaware (among many, many others), The online retailer, founded by childhood education expert Allie Klein, opts for what she calls "open-ended toys" which encourage play and therefore support children's social and physical development and allow their imagination to take flight. 

Because we love to turn to Rose & Rex for goodies for our own littles, as well as gifts for friends and loved ones, we thought we'd ask the pro herself for advice on exactly what to choose from a laundry list of beautifully made, non-toxic, and brain-boosting playthings on the site. So, without further ado, below are Klein's top five picks for the educational toys that you'll be proud to watch your kids explore.


Play Silks ($9-$60)

"My belief is that every parent needs at least one Sarah's Silks Play Silk in their home. These durable silks are the ultimate open-ended material and can be transformed and re-imagined hundreds of ways, at every age. For babies, use a play silk to teach object permanence, play peek-a-boo, and support sensory play. Toddlers and older children will it enjoy it as an imaginary play prop — one day it’s a butterfly flying through the sky, the next day it’s a river for a sailboat, and the next day it’s a superhero cape."


Make A Face ($39)

"Simply put, this is one of my top picks for emotional and social development. Make A Face can be used to help children practice naming their own feelings and recognizing feelings in others (in the form of expression and body language). When it’s not supporting emotional growth, Make A Face encourages storytelling, character development, role-playing, and more."


Love All Doll ($10)

"Meet our Love All Doll. With its open heart, lean on this handcrafted peg doll to support your little one’s social and emotional growth, such as adjusting to a new routine, separating from home or feeling new feelings. Put this transitional tool in their backpack or lunchbox and let them know that if they miss home (or mommy, or daddy), they can return to their Love Doll throughout the day to be reminded that they are always loved and in your thoughts."


Rainbow Building Tray ($85)

"Blocks, like this Rainbow Building Tray, are one of best toys for cognitive, physical, and social development, ready to grow with your child. From strengthening coordination to enhancing fine motor development to engaging curiosity, blocks help young children learn fundamental skills at every age. At age one, children will likely explore blocks by clapping them together, moving them around, or feeling their different shapes. As they grow, their interests and play will shift to stacking, fitting, and ultimately building complex structures."


The Little Market Dinosaur ($36)

"Plush pals and dolls are more than just cuddly buddies. They can be used to support early attachment experiences, navigate transitions, encourage language skills, and act as kiddo’s sidekick during make-believe adventures. This soft dino comes from The Little Market, a non-profit that empowers female artisans around the world."

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