Meet Bri Towne: LA Mama and Health Expert

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Bri Towne

“Be steady and follow your own path.”

What do you do and what led you to this career?

I'm a nutrition consultant and exercise specialist working with women surrounding pregnancy. The biggest factor that lead to my work was my own experience with pregnancy and health. I was told by my doctors to eat candy bars to gain weight and keep doing whatever exercise I was already doing and that just didn't feel right. I started looking in to things and found that most physicians have very minimal education in nutrition so I went and got myself a graduate degree in nutrition education, health coaching, yoga and postpartum corrective exercise specialist certifications so I could give myself and other mamas the truth about nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and beyond.

What are the names and ages of your little ones?

William, who is 6 years old; Charlotte who is 5 years old; Theodore, who is 2 years old; and Parker who is 4 months old.

What has been your biggest career achievement thus far?

My biggest achievement thus far was when I realized I needed to hire my first employee. Being a mother of 4 doesn't leave much time for 'extras' and once business starting picking up, I knew I needed more support. Since then, things have grown exponentially - hiring help and delegating sounds like a small achievement, but it's been the catalyst to expanding my business tremendously!

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a mother?

Watching my children find their own way and their own personalities. I have 4 children and they are already all so unique and I love watching them grow in to the people they're meant to be.

And what is the most challenging?

The most challenging is giving each of my children enough attention. I don't believe in 'balance', but finding a flow of family time, 1:1 time with each, work time, me time, time with my husband - it's a huge challenge that I struggle with every day.

What is your best advice for someone new to your industry?

Stop following trends. There are new wellness trends daily and I see so many new coaches and nutritionists clinging to each new trend. But the thing with trends is, they fade, and soon a new one is on the horizon. And if you're following a trend, you're following someone else and you're not owning your unique talents and what you have to offer. Be steady and follow your own path.

What is your best advice for a new mother?

Find your people. They may be other mothers, they may be in completely different seasons of life. They may live next door, they may live on the other side of the country. But find them. Don't stop searching. Mamas NEED other grown-ups to talk to.

What's next for you? Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Next for me is a full-service coaching + meal planning experience. We're working hard behind-the-scenes to get the logistics down and start to launch. It combines nutrition coaching with meal planning, shopping and delivery - completely full service - all you have to do is cook the food! Mamas are busy, and they're looking for ways to save time, energy and money - and no one wants to brave the grocery with a couple of kids in one of those giant car-shaped shopping carts! So we're creating a one-stop-shop so mamas can stay at home, at the office, and focus on what's really important - and leave the planning and shopping to the experts!

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