Fitness Guru Lauren Kleban's Advice on Staying Motivated


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If you're following actress Busy Phillips on Instagram — like the other million of us out there are — you've probably caught more than a few glimpses of her high-intensity workout routine (she loves a good "sweaty selfie"). Her go-to workout, LEKfit, is the brainchild of celebrity trainer and former professional dancer Lauren Kleban who created a fitness approach that's high-impact, fun, and can be followed along with whether or not you can make it into one of her LA-based classes. For moms with a lot on their plate — like Busy, as well as LEKfit's legion of powerful, successful followers — such a workout fits their lifestyle perfectly, which is no coincidence when you consider the fact that Kleban herself is a busy mama of two. 

The St. Louis native cultivated her method by putting together her extensive background in fitness, having studied dance as well as yoga and more traditional workouts. But her success in branding can be attributed to her retail background with Abercrombie & Fitch. LEKfit was born shortly after Lauren's first child, when in between teaching classes and training all over LA, she converted her garage and guest room into a studio where fellow mom friends could pop-in for a sweat session in between school drop-offs and errands.

What came to be her trademark technique borrowed elements from the previous classes she taught, including ballet, jazz, and trampoline-bouncing. The sculpting, sweat-including classes immediately earned a following and ultimately it led Kleban to create an on-demand option for those who couldn't make it to class, whether due to a crazy schedule or geographic location.

Because we knew that the LA-based fitness guru understood the constant juggling of #momlife all too well, we wanted to ask her specifically about how those of us in need of motivation could get our butts moving, as well as the other ways she stays active with the whole family, and the one (okay, two) celebrities she'd love to see in class. 

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How did you first become interested in the fitness space? 

As a former professional dancer, I have always had an interest in fitness, health and wellness. Exploring a career in fitness was a natural transition for me. 

LEKfit seems to different than a lot of traditional workouts! What inspired your format/method?

We are totally different! I created my fitness method because there was a need for a more efficient and effective dance inspired workout. 

A lot of badass ladies swear by your workouts! Name one you'd love to invite in for a sweat session who's not been in yet.

So many badass ladies! Having Michelle and Oprah come through would be pretty rad. Oops! that’s two.

Sunday’s are for extra snuggles ♥ #momlife

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What are some of your other favorite healthy lifestyle habits for yourself and your family outside the fitness studio? 

We are really spoiled in Los Angeles with gorgeous weather all year round, so it’s easy to stay active. We spend a lot of time walking, swimming, going to the beach etc. We also frequent the farmers market together and include the kids in cooking. 

As a mom, what's your best advice for other moms to get motivated when they feel totally run down or overwhelmed with everything’s thats going on? 

Make time for you. It’s really true that we can’t take care of everyone else until we have taken care of our own needs first. That’s a huge reason why I created our streaming platform. We offer hundreds of workouts that can be done anytime and anywhere for just $19.99 a month. We also offer workouts with pre/postnatal modifications.  

To learn more about LEKfit, sign up for class, or get on-demand access, head here, and follow along on Instagram here