Clutter Is a Modern Solution to Storing Your Stuff

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Alongside death and divorce, moving is one of the most stressful situations an adult can endure in his or her lifetime. And for anyone who's had to pack up the entirety of their belongings and/or find a place to stash stuff while sorting out their next step, we probably don't need to explain why that's the case. The good news is, one startup has dreamed up a modern, savvy solution that could make moving easier than ever before. Clutter, which launched in 2015, aims to offer a smart, full-service alternative to self storage, and celebrities mamas like Jessica Alba and Bryce Dallas Howard have already benefitted from its services. 

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The cloud-based company allows you to manage all your moving needs — from packing it all up to safely storing it — in just a few clicks on your smart phone. And should you need to see what you've got, simply open your app to see photos of your catalogued belongings, meaning no need to dig through a disorganized self-storage unit. When it's time to bring it all to your new home, Clutter will take care of that too, with transparent pricing so there's no surprise costs sneaking up on you. Considering you're probably already juggling 27 things at any given time (not the least of which are kids and a career), it seems like this could be a great option for any moving moms who want to stay sane, but also totally organized. 

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To find the full list of cities where you can use Clutter, as well as more frequently asked questions, head here