How Tarot Reader Angie Banicki's Gift of Intuition Made Her a Better Mom


Photos in order via Carlo Alberto Orecchia, Sami Drasin, and Rockin Mama Life

Angie Banicki is no stranger to famous faces. During a decade-long career in entertainment public relations, she was frequently connecting with the celebrity set. Now Angie interacts with the stars (and a few of us lucky regular folks) in a totally different way: as an intuitive and tarot card reader

Banicki, who was born and bred in the small town of Dekalb, Illinois, has earned an impressive following in just five years working in this new field — a testament to her talent. In fact, she's already been featured in publications including People, Refinery 29, The Cut, Cosmopolitan, and more, as well as doing readings for elite private events for the likes of InStyle and Jimmy Choo. A session with Angie — which typically includes a combination of cards, numerology, astrology, and music — even made it one of goop's prestigious gift guides.

And career isn't the only major shift this intuitive has experienced recently: she also became a mom to baby girl Charlotte. That prompted us to ask her more about how her gift has made her a better mother, as well as if she's already seen glimmers of intuition from her young daughter. But while we had her, we couldn't help but ask about some of her most memorable celebrity readings and — what we're all dying to know — is 2018 going to be better? 


Tell us about your former like as a Hollywood publicist. 

My life in PR was exciting, filled with the unexpected, working with big names and big brands and creating events and marketing that impacted this crazy world of entertainment. At one time I remember counting and I was working with 18 brands at once. I loved all of it: the no sleep, the socializing, the attention. I thrived on the adrenaline and challenges.

How did it transition into doing readings full-time?

It was strange. I’d never felt like being alone in my whole life, but I turned into a hermit. Then all of a sudden, these readings were bringing me a kind of connection and joy on such a deep level — I’d never felt anything like it and I never wanted to go back. That said, the transition was rough. I went from making the most money I'd ever made to maxing out all my credit cards and literally not knowing how I'd make rent every month.

Have you always been very intuitive? What's your first memory of having that gift?

Previously, I'd set up for couples who ended up getting married or I'd introduce brands to a celebrity to work with and they ended up becoming massively famous. But other than that, I didn’t think of it as a gift, just luck. Then around 33, I started having dreams and knowing things I didn’t know how I knew.

Without naming names or details to give it away, tell us about your most dramatic celebrity reading?

I don’t know about drama because the cards just kind of tell it how it is. That said, I did see one actor taking a role in a movie that would end up being nominated for an Oscar. I also kept telling an actress that her baby needed her when she asked which role she was going to take. There were three possible scenarios and I kept saying, "I’m sorry I don’t think any of them. The baby needs you at home." Later she found out she didn’t get offered any of the roles. She says it was the most beautiful way to give her bad news.


Can you tell us if 2018 is going to be better than 2017?

Wow! So I just did a quick pull and here’s the cards' synopsis of 2017: the fool! There is no giving and we don’t know how to plan a future for our country. Here’s how the cards see 2018: change. We are trying to create anew and trying remember all the good things. There are some powerful and amazing allies and people who are going to show up for us in big ways! "Let Us Move On" by Radio Waves is the song that channeled!

Do you believe we're all born with some level of intuition? And if so, do you have suggestions on how we can tap into our own?

Yes! We all have intuition and we can all grow it with practice — just like anything in life. Practice, meditation, yoga, stillness, travel, pulling cards, and setting an intention are all ways to tap in to yours. 

Does your daughter Charlotte show early signs of being intuitive herself?

Charlotte has a gift. Once when a friend was talking about being ready to try for kids and how she was leaving her company to start another one, she crawled to a deck of angel cards and pulled two. When I pulled them out of her hand, one showed a new baby and the other was the Five of Pentacles, the card with the picture of the woman walking away from her job. It was pretty surreal. 

How does this gift affect the kind of mother you are — if at all?

I truly am grateful as how it’s made me trust life in a way that has only made my baby’s experience richer. I used to be such a worrywart! Now I come out of readings and Charlotte gazes at me with love. The place I go when I read cards brings out all the best parts of me and I get to be that around her! Also, being a tarot card reader lets me work from home so we get to spend more time together, and that is such a joy.