Want to Participate in our Gun Control Campaign? Here's How


There have been more mass shootings than days in 2019. Mass shootings have taken place in schools, in stores, in malls, in churches, in theaters, in bars — all places that are part of our daily lives. While the urgency to end gun violence in our country is glaring, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — a father of three — said the Senate will discuss measures aimed at addressing gun violence in September — not now. We need his help NOW.

Two bipartisan gun control bills that the House already passed in February — universal background checks and enhanced background checks — are stuck in legislative limbo in the Senate under McConnell. He is blocking these bills from coming to a vote NOW.

Join the #FashionMamas community in demanding Senator McConnell's attention by emailing his office at senator@mcconnell.senate.gov and urging that he allow a vote to pass gun control NOW. For every #FMGunControl post through Friday, August 16, Fashion Mamas is donating $5 to @everytown — a movement working together to #EndGunViolence and build safer communities.

Now that dozens of our members have posted their support of our #FMGunControl campaign and media outlets are spreading the news of our initiative, here’s how YOU can get involved. Print the below image in full, and copy the above caption. Make sure to tag @fashionmamas when you post, so we can regram in Stories! Thank you for your support.

Natalie AlcalaComment