Fashion Mamas Members Share Their Dream Mother's Day Gifts


Photo: @joychasers

Flowers and chocolate are cool, but have you ever asked a mama what she really wants for Mother’s Day? Here, a handful of Fashion Mamas members share what’s on their ideal wish list for the mother of all holidays.

Pamela Hunter, Sheltered Co. Founder


“I’d love a hotel room with blackout curtains and just ONE day without kids so I can see how it feels to sleep-in, a babysitter, an in-home massage, Botox, a colonic, meal delivery for a week (for the whole family!), laundry service…and a nap!”

Naima Petz, Blogger


“We're living in Sayulita right now, and my dream gift would be a solar powered six seater golf cart. Also on my list, a trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia and a FireWire Eco-friendly wool surf board."

Marina Keiler, Director of Operations & Communications at AMANU


“Meal delivery for me for a week (or month), but for the whole family would be even better!. Also, a night nurse as we’re having major sleep issues with the baby, a night/weekend away — by myself or with a friend —somewhere close, even like Four Seasons West Lake so I can relax poolside and pretend I’m on vaca. Although Laguna, Santa Barbara or Ojai would be preferred.”

Tiffany Fong, Creative Director at Nursery Works


“A Lindsey Adelman light fixture, BDDW dining table, Croft house dining chairs, or a huge triptych. I’ve been wanting to refresh the house but these are all huge purchases that I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on, and there are just always other things that need to be repaired or maintained that take priority.”

Kristiana Tarnuzzer, The Cause Bar Founder


“Donation to Every Mother Counts, tickets to an Outstanding in the Field dinner, and someone to come organize my closet!”

Brianna Towne, Perinatal Nutrionist


“A night alone in a hotel room, a meal delivery service subscription to Twenty-Five Eight, laundry service, and a bouquet of flowers to my favorite foster mamas.”

Sylvie Esmundo, Influencer & Digital Marketing/eComm Strategist


“A Wellness Retreat in Bali, a South of France Getaway, a Tesla Model S, and a year’s worth of bimonthly acupuncture treatments.”

Yvette Charlton, La Vie Boheme Yoga Founder


“I just remodeled my kitchen so top of my list is new bakeware, new cutlery, dining sets and mugs etc.. basically anything for a picture perfect kitchen.”

Denise Crew, Lifestyle Photographer


“A week at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, which is probably out of the question so I really hope I get some jewelry from Ariel Gordon Jewelry.”

Jenna Davison, Current Label Founder


“A hotel room for me only, a massage and facial, tattoo appointment — I have tried forever to get one with Dr. Woo, and a black diamond ring.”

Veronica Horner, Maia Moda Co-Founder


“A night out and a hotel room by myself, but most importantly: I don’t want to book the sitter or get the whole house organized so I can go!”

Whitney Bickers, Myrtle Founder


“Pool time with a cocktail, and I love sentimental fine jewelry! I want another F&B Mini with next baby’s birthstone and they also have amazing vintage zodiac charms.”

Danielle Calabrese, Tiny Giants Founder


“In this order: 3/4 nights with husband at Auberge du Soleil, 2 hour massage with Sparrow herself, and a Clare V Fanny.”

Ali Levine, TV Personality & Fashion Expert


“Omg, I would love a 2 hour massage and a facial outside by the ocean, peaceful relaxing. Then a weekend away with hubby at Calistoga Ranch just drinking wine and relaxing, not having to worry about any planning — just showing up and relaxation! Brunch in bed, dinner with the sunset, and ending with some kind of fun musical concert, and then more sleep!”


“My usual move is to check myself in at the Langham, go to the spa, and then after I sleep in, my kids and husband join me at the pool. This year I did that with some friends to celebrate our birthdays, so I want a different kind of self-care: 23andMe, a sitter to watch the baby while I get my teeth cleaned in the morning, and my first mammogram in the afternoon, and I want my husband to take the day off so he can drive me to have a colonoscopy. I used to want designer handbags for every occasion, but now I just want good health to be around for my kids.”

Stuart Brazell, TV Personality


“A babysitter that I don't have to book, for sure! I got my husband to sign up for Urbansitter, which we love. Also, an in-home massage or just a massage — super big shout out to Spa Le La in Studio City. They provide childcare while you enjoy your treatment. Fashionable pajamas, probably because I have an infant right now and work from home most days. I spend a lot of time in my pajamas.”

Annette Vartanian, Vintage Expert & Marketing Consultant


“An emerald ring from Marrow Fine, silk pajamas from Lunya, a weekend getaway by myself and come home to a clean house, and a private chef.”