Meet the Mamas Behind Tattoo Art-Infused Kids Line, Juju + Woo


When full-time mamas — Jayme Free Woo and Jo Scapa — began their search for comfortable lifestyle essentials for their little ones that also had a cool-factor, they couldn’t find what they were looking for. So, in true #MamasMakingIt fashion, these brilliant and badass women made it happen themselves. Enter Juju + Woo, a cozy collection that includes 100% organic cotton pajama sets that your babes will want to wear all day, every day. Bonus: the art on the PJs is by renowned tattoo artist and fashion influencer, Dr. Woo, who also happens to be Jayme’s husband.

Here, Jayme and Jo exclusively tell Fashion Mamas more about their adorable debut range.

What were you both doing before launching this brand? Please share your respective career journeys.

We are both full-time moms.

What are the names and ages of your little ones?

Jo: I have a four-year-old wild angel named Julian, or Juju for short.

Jayme: I have two boys. Lyon, 7 and Raif, 4.

What was the process like creating this collection? What sparked the idea?

Jo: It's definitely been a long process, but we wanted to make sure we weren't rushing anything so that our product would be up to our standards and something we would put our kids in. It was originally all Jayme's idea! She asked me to join, and we make a great team. We wanted to launch with three iconic Dr. Woo prints; The rose, The Swallow, and The Star.

What are your favorite pieces and what pieces fans going wild for so far?

Jo: The Star print is my personal favorite. I have a star tattoo by Woo on my hip, for my son Juju. Our customers are loving the hoodies and the Swallow print the most! But the others come close!

What are your big dreams for the brand?

We want to create a cozy and cool children's lifestyle necessity line that offers both quality and beautiful art. You will never see a chevron print, stripes, or polka dots. Our artwork and inspirations speaks for itself.

Follow Juju + Woo’s journey here, and shop the collection here.