Inside Model Mama Isabela Rangel's Gorgeous Miami Home

Welcome to Mama Cribs, an FM Journal series where we shine a light on the gorgeous homes inhabited by inspiring mothers.


Photos: Tami Wilkes

Isabela Rangel lives no ordinary life. The well-connected model jetsets across the globe for her job, she has an inspiring circle of super-cool friends, she lives in a waterfront manse with her husband, Miami nightlife impresario Dave Grutman. As you can imagine, her home is far from traditional, which is why we were excited when the Fashion Mamas Miami member offered to give us an exclusive glimpse into her house.

Although Rangel's crib is known for showcasing unique modern art and unexpected decor, not many have seen the charming nursery that the Brazilian-born mama designed for her adorable five-month-old daughter, Kaia. Here, Rangel tells us more about her favorite parts of her art-filled abode, how her husband's former bachelor pad changed once she moved in, and what she does with the fam in her beautiful city.


What do you do and what led you to this career?

I started modeling 12 years ago. My cousin was a model and introduced me to his agency, so I met them and started working right away. Since then I have traveled and lived in different countries around the world.

Who do you live with and what is the name and age of your little one?

I live with my husband and our 5-month-old daughter Kaia.

What's a piece of decor that stands out the most in your home?

My favorite piece of art is my Lego wall by Dante Dentoni.

What's one of your favorite rooms or corners of your home? 

My favorite room is the kitchen where you can find my family and I spending quality time together.

What's your favorite thing about the nursery, and what's the inspiration behind its design? 

I have a piece of art that is a cloud by Alex Yanes, which adds to the calm and soothing theme of the nursery I created for Kaia.

What's your favorite item in your home and the unique story behind it?

We have a big collage that a friend bought from an artist from the U.K. and he used a lot of our photos from Instagram. It was a big surprise for us. 


"I like to find art during our trips, and I like to bring home a piece of that country as a souvenir."

Where in your home does your family spend the most time?

Alongside our kitchen we spend a lot of our time outside enjoying the Miami weather.

Where are your favorite places to shop for art, decor, etc.?

I like to find art during our trips, and I like to bring home a piece of that country as a souvenir.

After moving into your husband's home, how did you infuse your personal style into the decor?

I would say I was able to bring more of a woman’s touch to it. The house became a home. For example flowers and candles throughout the house, and making the house a little healthier and warmer.  


"I would say I was able to bring more of a woman's touch to it. The house became a home." 

Do you or your partner have a funny or special story behind a specific art piece in the house? 

Within the Lego installation in the home we asked the artist incorporate real life scenes, including one of people having sex in a bathroom!

Given that you travel often for work, do you have any special rituals when you return home?

When I come home I like to give my dogs and cats a lot of love and attention because they miss me while I’m gone. 

What are your favorite family-friendly activities in Miami? 

I like to go for walks in Sunset Harbor along with volunteering for Style Saves, a local charity.


Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you'd like to share? 

I’m on the board of Style Saves and we help children go to school with new backpacks and clothes as well as give them an outfit and tickets for prom.

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