Maya Brenner and Clare V. On Their New Jewelry Collab, Motherhood Moments, and More


Photos: Courtesy of Clare V. and Maya Brenner

You'd be hard-pressed to find an accessory aficionado without a piece from jeweler Maya Brenner and bag designer Clare Vivier, who both just happen to be fashionable mamas and friends. The LA-based talents are both known for their oft-copied signature styles: Brenner for her dainty statement necklaces, and Vivier for her classic foldover clutches inspired by French cool girls — which is why we're surprised is took this long for the two to join forces for a stylish collab.

Now available exclusively at Clare V.'s stores in LA and NY and online at both Brenner's and Vivier's websites, the four-piece necklace range is the perfect marriage between both designers' aesthetics. Priced from $295 to $325, the accessories are crafted from 14k gold and feature nameplates with French words like "amour" (love), "oui" (yes), "femme" (woman), and "maman" (mother). Each necklace is adjustable from 16 to 18 inches — and as you can see above, these chic pieces soon be a staple in every cool mom's jewelry box.

Scroll through the gallery below to see everything from the necklace collection, then keep reading to find out Brenner and Vivier's most memorable motherhood moments, their favorite apps, and more.

What are your favorite apps that help you organize/balance parenthood and running
your own business?

Maya Brenner: I’m not super tech-y but what saves me is my color-coded calendar. The kids, work,
school, and home each have their own color and I can share the events with who
needs to know what, where, and when.

Clare V: I actually don't use any apps!

We've all had those frustrating moments in motherhood — Can you share a frustrating
moment that you can totally laugh about now in retrospect?

CV: One time when Oscar jumped out of the car because he didn't want to go to school in the morning, I had strapped him in the car screaming and crying, and he managed to unbuckle himself in the backseat and jump out while the car was in motion. I suppose that's funny now.

MB: I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter and was Christmas shopping with my son
when he needed to use the bathroom. He refused to go into the ladies room with me
so I had to carry him out of the store screaming. When I finally got him in the car, the
doors locked with my purse inside that had my keys and phone…He was crying so
hard it took a parking lot full of people to get him to unlock the door from the inside
and luckily we didn’t have to call the fire department to break the window!

People often ask working mothers about juggling work and parenthood, although
working fathers are rarely asked the same question. What does the "juggling" concept mean to you?

MB: It means sometimes not giving enough attention to either one and being OK with it. I
try to not be too hard on myself and know that the pendulum between work and
family swings back and forth a lot depending on who needs what and when.

CV: Everyone's lives are juggling different elements, it's just the reality.

Clare, the French are well-known for their parenting style. What are some parenting habits that you've picked up from your French husband or observed from your days living in Paris?

CV: The French are not overindulgent with their children.  I really appreciated the idea of teaching your child good manners and to not interrupt adults when they're speaking. To respect adult conversations — tbe able to sit at the table with adults and listen to the conversation.