Behind the Scenes of our Normalize Breastfeeding Campaign


Photos: Howl & Rose

Over the past few days, we've been celebrating National Breastfeeding Awareness Month via a powerful campaign we created to hopefully normalize a very natural and beautiful moment between mama and child. We gathered a handful of our nursing mamas in the LA chapter for this special shoot at Light Lab space in Atwater Village, and our friends at True Botanicals supplied our models with their bestselling non-toxic skincare and bodycare products, which are 100% safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

While the reaction to these images have been a mix of both positive and negative, we're proud to contribute to the conversation and support mothers across the globe who are being shamed for a completely natural act. You are not alone, mamas, and we encourage you to confidently feed your child whenever and wherever, covered or not — it is your choice and your right. 

All the inspiring women who participated in this campaign have demanding careers and strong opinions; we have banded together to demonstrate what is supposed to be a precious moment in your motherhood experience. Don't ever let anyone take that moment away from you. 

Enjoy some sweet outtakes above, and see the final result below.