Stylist Elshane's West Hollywood Home Is a Fashion Lover's Fantasy

Photos: Howl & Rose

If you follow stylist Elshane on Instagram, you’re immediately transported into another world — a virtual technicolor dreamscape of bold fashion, pattern-play, and fun. Elshane, who hails from New York is original, edgy, and captivating. It’s no surprise that we were dying to get a peek inside her West Hollywood home. Here, we sit down with Elshane, and discuss her famous moniker, the calming power of neutrals, and how she incorporated one of the most stylish moments of her life into daughter Sunday’s nursery.

What is your name, profession, and who do you live with?

My name is Elshane, I'm a fashion stylist, costume designer, and fashion blogger. I live in West Hollywood with my husband, Taylor, my daughter, Sunday (1), and Labradoodle, Homer!

I’m sure you get asked this a TON, but how did you get the name Elshane?

I have shared this story tons of times! But in short, I worked for DVF for five years in NYC and Diane was truly my mentor. At the time, my role in PR was more than just a classic PR/Communications role, it was all encompassing of the brand, the person, and the life of DVF. At the time everyone in my office called me "L. Shane", and then, Diane named a dress, the "El Shane" after me, and it was a creative way to spell my nickname. The dress went down two runways and became a bestseller. I guess when DVF gives you a nickname, you don't let it go!

If you could use three words to describe your personality what would they be?

Always down for a good time. Always need to dress for the occasion. Always inclusive. That's more than three words...but you get the point!

What area of LA do you live and what initially attracted you to the area and your home?

I am from New York and was forced to move to LA for my husband. I never wanted to leave New York. My husband and I are both classic New Yorkers. West Hollywood was an obvious choice for location because we felt it was most like NYC — [I love that] I can walk out my front door and be at countless sexy restaurants and boutiques within seconds. The walkability and vibe is incredible in our neighborhood. We always say, “where else in the world can you live in the center of the city, in a house with a pool, and also be a 15 minute drive to the beach?”

Describe the vibe of your home.

What was once my perfect Spanish eclectic entertainer's dream home, has slowly morphed into a baby proofed version of that! Less perfectly placed glass trinkets and coffee table books, more primary color plastic toys and board books. My husband and I are big hosts, so the home has an ease about it that is both inspiring and comfortable.

What kinds of items do you love to surround yourself with and how do these items identify with your personality?

The word "trendy" is my nightmare. I do everything I can, at all times, to avoid being trendy. I love to feel uniquely ME so I surround myself with pieces that enhance that quality. I travel a lot... you can imagine the gems I bring home from different countries. Kimonos from Tokyo, lanterns from Istanbul, camel tooth necklaces from Jerusalem. I am a collector.

How have you brought your love of New York into your home?

In NYC I collected beautiful art/fashion/photography coffee table books because my old boss, DVF, always gave them as gifts. I must have at least 50. They sit in stacks in every room of my house and it's a constant reminder of my old NYC apartments... sitting in those same stacks, all over the floor. I still buy these books every few months. The Taschen Art Gallery is down the block from my house and I'm a regular there!

Where do you and your family spend the most time in the home and why?

There is no favorite room. Sunday is on the go! We're chasing her around and wherever she leads, we follow. Lately, it's been bunking up underneath the dining room table. Does that count as a room? We [also] spend a lot of time in our courtyard. There's a fountain that Sunday is fascinated with — she tries to catch the water with her hands. We love the concept of indoor/outdoor living in LA.

What is your favorite place in your home?

My walk-in closet! It's what dreams are made of. But of course, I need a closet 3x the size. I don't know how I used to manage in my small NYC apartments. Sweaters in the stove was definitely a "thing"!

What is your favorite things to do with your child in your space?

I love bringing Sunday into my closet and letting her touch all of the fabrications: my Louboutin sneakers are "spikey", my coats are "furry", and my sequin tops are "shiny". And then I pile layers of jewelry on her and document the dress up sessions on my Instagram under the hashtag #everydaywithsunday. Let's just say that I'm extremely happy to have a daughter!

What is your favorite item in your home?

I love my navy velvet sofa. I designed it with ModShop and had it custom made. It fits the space perfectly and is soooo deep that it doubles as a bed, no matter which way you lay on it!

What changes have you made inside your home as your family life evolved? (And how have you made these changes without compromising your aesthetic?)

I've been pretty good about separating adult rooms and kid rooms. I'm a creative person so I need to feel surrounded by beauty. If every room was taken over by red, yellow, and blue plastic toys, I would feel defeated. But of course, even the adult rooms have to be fully baby proofed and stocked with at least a toy or two. Gotta be prepared!

How have you translated your aesthetic into your child’s nursery?

I love to dress in a chaos of color and be surrounded by prints, so I actually try to keep my bedrooms very neutral as sort of a "reset" button for the day. For the nursery, I could have gone full “Elshane”, wild style. But instead, I kept it calm and peaceful in lavender, gold, and silver.

What is your favorite thing about the nursery?

There was one element that I knew I had to incorporate into the nursery-- my wedding veil. I DIY’d it — it's 15 feet of lavender tulle with over 100 hand sewn silver and gold 3D butterflies sewn on. I gave it a second chance at life as a canopy over my daughter’s crib. It was the most gorgeous canopy you've ever seen! What I didn't know, was that by 6 months of age, she would tear it down and try to eat the butterflies at every chance she got. Sadly, the canopy is now back in a cardboard box in my closet. RIP.

What are some of your favorite brands/toys/accessories for the nursery?

I have been really into SkipHop for a few months now. The love affair started with some great nursery toys, and now I'm using all of their mealtime accessories. I like finding brands that I can trust-- it makes shopping for quality easy and painless.

What has been one of the biggest home/life adjustments you’ve had to make as your family has grown?

A little (just a little) less wine. A little (ok, a lot) less sleep. But I'm cool with it!

Where do you like to shop for decor items?

Kelly Wearstler, HD Buttercup,, and flea markets!

Thank you Elshane! To continue the adventure visit Elshane’s World.