Seven-Year-Old Artist Giana's New Fashion Collab Is Streetwear Goals


Photos: Haus of JR

Back in March, we teamed with seven-year-old social media art sensation Giana for her first-ever art show in Los Angeles. Turns out we weren't the only ones who were inspired to turn an IG follow into an IRL friendship. Haus of JR, the streetwear-cool kids label co-founded by Fashion Mamas member Sophia Tran, also vibed hard with the pint-sized Filipino-Mexican American artist. That's why the two joined forces for a rad tee collection, which drops on the SoCal-based brand's site today.

Here, we sat down with Giana's mom, Gena Errisuriz, to learn more about how her daughter and Haus of JR linked up for the limited-run five-piece range ($22 each), which features prints of Dallas-based Giana's high-fashion illustrations. (We can't get over that Kermit x Supreme tee.) Read on to find out more about the inspiration behind the line and shop the full line when it launches here.

How did you and Haus of JR two connect? 

Social media is such a cool way to connect and build some amazing relationships. Haus of JR contacted Giana after discovering her on Instagram and Sophia, the brand owner, felt it would be amazing to see Giana's creativity come to life on clothing. 

How did you come up with the idea from the collab?

We had a chance to meet in person when Sophia and her family attended the Dear Giana art show hosted by Fashion Mamas in Los Angeles. Sophia was really interested in seeing Giana's aesthetic presented on tees and wanted to produce a limited run of shirts. Haus of JR has amazing quality with good design that fits perfectly with Giana's personal style. It was a natural fit and just felt right to collaborate together.

What was the design inspiration?

Giana is known for drawing high end fashion ads and editorials, so Haus of JR gave Giana complete creative freedom to express herself, draw and create however she liked.