Inside Our Cool Kids Fashion Show at The Autry

Photos: Howl & Rose

Last weekend, we partnered with SoCalMoms to host a cool kids fashion show at their annual Great Big Family Play Day. Located at the historical Autry Museum in Griffith Park, the event starred our very own #FashionMamasKids (Zooey, Redd, Hemingway, and the Ziering Girls, to name a few) and featured clothing from a variety of super-cool kids brands. 

Our show's featured brands were: Black i Boys, Cabbages & Kings, Disco Panda Kids, Harlow Jade, Ice Cream Castles, Le Future Kids, Olivia + Ocean, OMAMImini, Primary, Rockets of Awesome, Sol Angeles, Spritely Kids, Stella.Phoenix, Ultra Violet Kids, and Wil + Frida. It was so cute to see our tots walk (and in some case, run!) the runway in their stylish little looks. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us!