Get to Know Brit-Bred, Palm Springs-Based Creative Advisor Charlie Jane

We first met Charlie Jane and her magical little girl Nixie Pearl (also known as Little Nou Nou) last year, when they strolled into one of our Kids Fashion Fair shows in the coolest holographic outfits we'd ever seen. Now a Fashion Mamas Global member, the British beauty lives in magical Palm Springs, which is fitting for a woman who dresses like she's living in a glorious fantasy world where metallics and rainbows make magic amongst Mother Nature. Here, we sat down with Charlie to learn more about her creative career and how she manages motherhood, her way.

What do you do, and what has been your career journey thus far?

I am a Creative Advisor and Partnership Specialist. I creative problem solve for brands and help develop pivotal ideas, experiences, and initiatives. I also work on strategic brand collaborations and partnerships. Brands I work with and have worked with include Nike, Disney, RedBull (UK), Swarovski and Britweek. I love it!

I also sit on the Committee for BritWeek Los Angeles alongside UKTI and BAFTA. Being British, this is my home away from home. BritWeek, which was set up by Nigel Lythgoe and the (then) British Consul General Bob Peirce, highlights the creative fusion between the UK and California. Each year it hosts a series of events around Los Angeles that celebrate that creative and cultural bond across art, music, design, fashion and business.

My career has been really organic so far. My background is in the Theatre and Television, as a child and during my teenage years i was a professional dancer, performer and television presenter working for companies such as Nickelodeon and Disney in the U.K. I remember falling in love with the Art World and its creative possibilities in my early 20s, and up until 2016 I spent ten years working in Gallery Activation and Artist management working with some of the biggest and best artists, including Banksy and Kenny Scharf. I created relationships and collaborations for artists with galleries, museums, brands, events, and publications in the U.K. and LA. In 2011, I opened my own gallery and events space in the UK before permanently moving to LA and directing Greg Escalante's gallery, founding member of Juxtapoz Art Magazine, for a year.

I'm currently really excited about a new career path I'm just about to embark on, which is partly inspired by my daughter Nixie; becoming a mum and finding a new way to connect my career and what I love to do with Nixie's world. I'm launching a new platform that focuses on connecting kids with the world’s most iconic Artists and influential Brands via exclusive experiences. I'm working on some great projects with Saban, Paul Frank Industries, and Mattel that I cannot wait to launch! 

So inspiring, Charlie! How old is your little one? 

Nixie is two and half years old.

She's the cutest. What is a typical workday like for you?

My typical working day involves getting up around 6:30am — love mornings! Before anything, I try and get some 'me time' in and practice yoga. We have a beautiful view around our house, so I love to exercise outside on our veranda in the fresh air, overlooking the mountains. It really gets me set for the day ahead and helps me gain balance, calm, and focus to achieve my daily goals and create my vision. I mostly work from home; I like to be in my office by 8:30am and work until around 1pm. I'm in LA about twice a week to be on-site for a project, if I have a day of meetings scheduled or if we have events to attend. 

I've learned that it's really important to take breaks from work during my day— it helps me keep my focus so I'm more productive, and it's healthy! I try to be strict with myself on blocking out time in my calendar during the afternoon, whether that's for a power nap, a walk, joining in with Nixie's activities and plans or simply to just be!

What are your best tips for raising a child in your city?

We moved out to Palm Springs just over a year ago from the Los Angeles area. It was literally love at first sight after my first visit and an overnight decision for us to move. Being self-employed, my hubby too, we decided we wanted to escape city life and raise Nixie with cleaner air, surrounded by the inspiring backdrop of the desert and the amazing design and architecture of Palm Springs that we fell in love with. Tips for raising a child out here would be to fully immerse yourself in desert life, and stay cool in the summer! We keep in close touch with our friends and family in LA but have also connected with other like-minded parents in the area that we can learn and share tips with for living out here. One thing I love is that there's so much space out here — it's so nice for Nixie to have this freedom. It gets really hot in the summer, so we just live in the pool. There's also a great waterpark in Palm Springs, and you can always escape the heat on a hike in the mountains where it stays slightly cooler! We love Joshua Tree.

Favorite organizational tools/apps that help you balance work/mom life?

I'm a big fan of checklists to help me stay organized and on track, whether that's for work or motherhood. I also have affirmations all around my office space: clear and positive reminders of my career goals and objectives and my personal ones. I'm a big manifestor and believe affirmation is so important in helping to create the career and life I want. Turning off pop-up notifications from apps on my phone and on my computer desktop is also a great tool, so I don't get distracted or interrupted when I'm in my zone or during quality moments with Nixie so I can be 'present' as a mum. Another tool is to remember that I'm not always going to get it right, and I'm ok with that.

Current favorite kids clothing brands?

Ah, there are so many amazing kids clothing brands to choose from! Baby Teith is one of my favorites. We love all of their amazing fabrics and textures, particularly their holographic and metallic dresses, skirts, and leggings. Nixie was actually their brand rep for a while and she helped inspire their holosheen skater dress, which is our favorite piece! I also love the Danish brand BangBang Copenhagen, they are so fun and playful and create some unique pieces.

Current favorite grown-up clothing brands?

I don't really have any favorite 'go to' to brands per say, but I love to shop around, whether that's high-end, online or in thrift stores. I love color and anything metallic and holographic. Even if I'm just running to the store, I more often than not will have something metallic on somewhere. I work with a stylist in the UK, who also has a small brand called Lu La Loop, she creates some amazing one-off pieces which she sends over for me to wear for events. She experiments with different fabrics and textures, which I love!

Beauty product you can't live without?

Coconut oil. I use it for everything for both myself and my mini, I love it! Face moisturizer, body, hair, you name it — it's also a natural sunscreen.

Best advice for women who want to succeed in your field:

Be creative, and be confident in that creativity. Shine. Be different and think outside the box. Have unique and strong ideas — have crazy ones, too! Surround yourself with unique people. Also, it's important to accept that you don't know everything and sometimes you need to ask for help.

Follow Charlie Jane's creative adventures on Instagram at @charliejanegram.