How to Throw an Unforgettable Kids Party, Straight From a Pro

Have you ever attended an incredible kids party and thought: "Wait, this is cooler than any adult party I've ever been to"? That's exactly what we were thinking when we entered last year's AKID Egg Hunt, produced by the brilliant Martina Stritesky of White Bow Events in collaboration with AKID co-founder Ashleigh Dempster. This party truly had something for everyone — from a petting zoo for the littles to a mimosa bar for the 'rents — which made for a dream bash that LA's coolest families talked about for months. 

If you're hoping to create similar buzz for your tot's birthday or simply want to earn some extra cool points with your fam, Stritesky is here to exclusively share her expert tips for throwing the party of your dreams.

Pick A Theme

This seems pretty obvious, but picking one theme and sticking to it can help you achieve your goal without the added stress of getting the "waters muddy," so to speak. So many times I will see a theme that isn’t played out right simply because people are trying to do too many things at once and the message of what that event is isn’t executed well. Picking one theme and being super clear on what it is will not only help you choose the right venue and vendors, but also help you plan the event logistics and bring you to my next point — choosing a proper color scheme!

Try a Color Palette

Last year we picked whites, golds and creams which helped select the vendors we wanted to use. Colors very much play into the theme and help you narrow down your choices so you aren't too overwhelmed with options. The internet can drive you crazy with options, so if you are clear on the vibe and look you want to achieve then that will help you narrow down the many choices out there.

Know your Audience

For kids, you need to be sensitive to their nap schedules. As a parent you aren’t likely to go to an event that isn’t at the right time and may choose a nap over going. No one wants to bring a crusty toddler out just for the sake of an afternoon hangout. Knowing that children’s events happen at different times than when you would plan an adult outing and even say a children’s event of younger or older kids factor into how you plan. Know your audience and their specific needs and you will have one happy house full of guests.

Set a Budget

And stick to it! Have a document where you add in all your vendor costs and deliverables and don’t go over, as tempted as you are. There will always be another party or avenue to use all your ideas; you don’t have to use them all at once. 

Try Something New

No one was doing egg hunts in a cool way, so when the co-founder of AKID, Ashleigh Dempster, approached me with the idea she had and asked me to help produce the event I was super excited. Halloween is a big thing in LA, but springtime and egg-hunting is an entirely different genre for events. We had everything from a massive egg hunt with hundreds of pounds of chocolate to a bunny petting zoo to a 100-foot slide to caricature paintings to the coolest crafting table that was a hit. A little mix of something for the different ages attending. 

Have Something Adult-Friendly

At last year’s AKID Egg Hunt, we had an incredible mimosa bar that kept the adults happy. And for those not partaking in the bubbly, there were freshly-open AKID coconuts with coconut water to keep them hydrated. Even if it’s an event for children, everything doesn't have to be super-kiddy. Having something that’s just for the adults will keep both older and young guests entertained.

Martina Strikesky is the founder and creative director of White Bow Events