Member Spotlight: Lauren Fong of Chriselle Inc. and CINCstudios

From the moment we met Lauren Fong, we noticed two undeniable facts: 1) she has incredible hair and 2) she radiates positive energy. We have Fashion Mamas LA member (and digital sensation) Chriselle Lim to thank for making the intro, which has led to Fong becoming a FMNY member and — most recently — our official NY brand ambassador!

We love everything about this stylish mama, who has managed to expertly cultivate a dream career while raising her adorable 21-month-old daughter, Kirby Mei Barlow. Here, Fong reveals some of her secrets to success while sharing her current fashion and beauty favorites.

Hi Lauren! Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I am currently the President of Chriselle Inc. and CEO and Co-founder of (soon to be launched) CINCstudios. Chriselle Inc. creates digital and social content around influencer Chriselle Lim and CINCstudios will conceive and construct content for brands looking to elevate their digital presence. I could have never imagined I would be doing what I do now when I first started in the fashion industry almost 15 years ago. Back then, this part of the industry didn't really exist and most fashion brands didn't even have a website!

Amazing. What has your career journey been like?

I began my career journey after studying Entrepreneurial Business at USC in Los Angeles. I worked for a women's contemporary brand out of LA and quickly learned the ins and outs of design, production, sales and marketing. After working there a few years, I decided to venture out on my own and started my contemporary line, Itsola. It was an instant success, but those were the days it was easy to sell clothing to anyone and everyone. Then, the economy started to tank in 2008. After a year of trying to survive and watching the entire fashion industry change dramatically, I decided to let it go and start something new, a fashion business consulting firm.

The consulting business was great; I was able to work with a lot of new and established designers and help to structure their businesses to profit. Through working with one of my clients on a lookbook, I met Chriselle, who was hired as the stylist for the shoot. While consulting, I also started a fashion event production company that produced fashion shows and store events throughout Southern California.

When I moved to NY, Chriselle's business was rapidly growing and changing daily. We decided to partner together and combine her expertise in digital and social along with my business and management skills — and here were are today! I am so proud to be at the forefront of an industry that evolves and changes by the minute.  

Very cool! Since you're constantly on the go, do you have any tips for raising a child in bustling New York?

My best tips for raising a child in NY are: 
1. Get out there! Meet other moms and join neighborhood mom groups. The support you can find within your own community has blown my mind!
2. Take advantage this incredible city. I just got my idNYC and am now able to get free year long memberships to most of the major museums, zoos, gardens, and more.  
3. Walk around. There are so many things for kids to discover in this city. You never know what you will see or run into by just walking out of your house.

Favorite organizational tools/apps that help you balance work/mom life:

My favorite organizational tools are my Muji planner that contains by whole life, my family's Gmail calendar, and the Baby Connect app to monitor Kirby's sleep.

Favorite kids clothing brands:

I love the whimsy of BangBang Copenhagen and Raspberry Plum, Bobo Choses and always Zara!

Favorite grown-up clothing brands:

Loving Song for the Mute, pants from Sass & Bide, basics from COS, and always anything from Helmut Lang

Beauty product you can't live without:

Clean It Zero cleansing balm. I discovered in through The Chriselle Factor and it is the most effective way to remove makeup.

Last but not least, what's your best advice for mamas looking to advance their careers?

I think most moms struggle with mom-guilt. It's so hard to juggle career and family but ultimately, your family will be happier if you are able to do what you love. I am lucky enough to have a network of inspirational, entrepreneurial moms that I can always count on for support and a mom that showed me you can work, be successful, and still have a strong family full of love. I encourage other mamas to get out there and actively open a dialogue with people that inspire them and push them to be better. We all need support, especially from women that are going through a similar journey.