Kids Fashion Fair Pop-Up Vendor Spotlight: TOSAN

LA's first Fashion Mamas x Kids Fashion Fair pop-up shop officially opens at Platform Culver City on December 1st! To celebrate, over the next few days we're shining a light on the amazing brands that you'll be able to shop at our five-day concept space.

TOSAN offers a unique and sweet way to salute the rad dad in your life. Although there are tons of mommy-and-me pieces out there, there isn't much for fathers and their littles, which is where this stylish SF-based brand steps in. TOSAN's hats, pins, accessories, and iconic Pop and Tot tees and sweatshirts make for perfect holiday gifts, which is why we're stoked to feature them in our shop! Here, founder Surya Kishi Grover tells us more about her cult-favorite label.

What inspired you to launch your brand and what were you doing before it?

I spent the last almost ten years designing menswear in corporate retail, but had a sweet boy of my own 3 years ago and just couldn't imagine going back to 60-70 hour work weeks. So I quit to stay home full time.  After having him, I realized that there were so few cool gender neutral pieces, much less attractive, masculine, options for baby stuff.  And there is nowhere celebrating how effing amazing it is to be a dad. 

Basically, the idea was that if you gave a shiz what you were wearing before you had a kid, you probably still do. And don't want a dumpy diaper bag with skulls on it and contrast orange stitching and a chevron-covered swaddle (no offense to chevron swaddles). 

Our mission statement:

Tosan (tō-sän) // short for o-tosan or father in japanese

Tosan is the intersection of menswear and parenthood, selvedge denim and dad jeans, vintage trucks and car seats, half marathons and jogging strollers.  We believe in the inherent and undeniable radness of fatherhood.  We believe you were cool before kids, but you are cooler now.  Sons and daughters change us at the deepest levels--but that shift doesn't necessarily mean you're super excited about using gear with baby ducks all over it. We get it.

We source and create thoughtfully-designed, American-made goods for the papas of the world. You are busy showing a small human how to live and be, let us help you figure out the stuff you'll need along the way.

Capture the essence of your brand in one sentence: 

Keeping cool dads looking cool. 

What is your favorite piece in your collection right now? 

My favorite piece are these POP + TOT hats. So dang cute! 

Who is your dream client?

I have so many dream clients but number one is Steph Curry. We do these POP Profiles on our blog and my goal is to feature him.  Hear that universe?!

If your brand was a song, what song would it be?

"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan 

Shop TOSAN here, follow them on Instagram here, and catch them at our Kids Fashion Fair pop-up shop from December 1st through December 5th!