Introducing Fashion Mamas Global!

Fashion Mamas isn't just a members-only network — it's a lifestyle. We've been having a blast connecting the coolest mamas in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, so why not take this global? Today, we're thrilled to launched Fashion Mamas Global for mamas who don't live in our event cities but are still doing amazing work in fashion and creative industries. 

Membership is $100 annually and you'll receive our branded swag, access to our exclusive rewards portal filled with online and in-store deals, access to our secret Facebook group where you can watch special live streams and connect with our 200+ members across the world, and invites to our members-only LA/NY/SF events whenever you're in town! The best part: whether you're traveling to Texas, London, or Tokyo, there will always be a rad Fashion Mama out there to connect with.

Once a city has 20 mamas, then it's time to launch that city's dedicated chapter!

See our first 10 FM Global members here and apply for Fashion Mamas here


Natalie AlcalaComment