Fashion Mamas Instagram Pod Program

Hi mamas,

As you know, Fashion Mamas is a network to connect dynamic mothers who work in fashion and creative industries. While our Instagram Pod program is one of the many member benefits we offer, our pod program is not and never has been our main focus, so we cannot micro-manage member participation or engagement growth — all we can do is provide the platform and the basic rules for everyone to follow for this to work effectively, and we can step in when assistance is needed. 

With that said, we will no longer host network-wide pod switches; now you simply fill out the form via Forms > Instagram Pod Form in our members-only portal when you want to switch at any time. Email if you're having trouble accessing the portal, or if you have any further questions. 


Our official FM pods are a great way to increase your Instagram engagement while connecting with fellow Fashion Mamas members. The process is simple: if you're interested in joining an FM pod for the first time OR if you are already in an FM pod and would like to switch, fill out the form at Forms > Instagram Pod Form. We'll then reach out to you with your new "FM-#" pod assignment and a refresher on the rules below. Then, when you post on Instagram, send the post to your pod, and your fellow pod members will comment on your post, resulting in more comments on your post and hopefully a boost in engagement! 

You must also comment on other members' posts in the pod in a timely manner for this to work. To send the post to your assigned FM pod, click the paper airplane right below your post's image and select your FM-#. Or you can go straight to your FM-# in your DMs, put your @ handle in the pod and say "Posted".


1) Only post once in the FM pod per day, so make sure it's your very best post.

2) This program is for active Instagrammers only, so only join this program if you plan to post at least three times a week.

3) Make sure to comment on everyone's posts BEFORE you post, and do so in a timely manner. 

4) Do not ask people to comment on your other Instagram accounts or your friends' accounts. These pods are for your participating account only.

5) Comments should be longer than three words and not just emojis. 

6) If you notice someone in your pod that is not following our FM pod rules, please email with their name and we'll send them a friendly refresher.

7) Once you're in your new pod and you've decided that you'd like to leave the program, please click the circle "i" on the top right of the pod and click "Leave Conversation" and let Anna know by emailing her at

8) If you would like to switch pods, please go to Forms > Instagram Pod Form, check "I'm Already in an FM Pod & Want to Switch" and complete the form. 

Natalie & Anna

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