Celebrity Stylist Taylor Jacobson Just Launched the Coolest Kids Line


Images in order via Sophie Zaloom and @dukealexanderla

Over the past week we've been getting to know a few of the talented mamas involved in this Sunday's Kids Fashion Fair. First we learned a little bit more about our hosts Lauren Gores Ireland and Jessie De Lowe, and now we're taking a closer look at Taylor Jacobson, the celebrity stylist whose new kids line Duke Alexander will be popping up at the holiday shopping affair. 

Whether or not you're familiar with Taylor herself, you've definitely seen her styling skills on A-listers like Jon Hamm and Kate Beckinsale. The Stamford, Connecticut born talent worked with some highly influential stylists before making her own way, dressing stars for red carpets, shopping for high-profile executives, and collaborating and consulting with different brands and designers. 

With Duke Alexander, which Jacobson and business partner Thea Sheinberg Chiprut started — and named after their sons — after appreciating each other's kids' penchant for the color black, she gets to channel her love of fashion in an entirely new way. We're big fans of the edgy-cool brand, so we recently chatted with Taylor about Duke's individual style and how it inspired the line, as well as how motherhood has changed her work philosophy.


Most people probably know you as a celebrity stylist, and now you're also making kids clothes! Tell us how that happened.

I have been dressing adults for such a long time. When Duke arrived, it was really inspiring and exciting to discover all these kids designers — a whole new world of fashion opened up to me. I teamed up with another mother, Thea, and created Duke Alexander.

We're sure Duke is the coolest dressed kid around. Can you already get a sense of his personal style?

Totally! He loves clothes — all black everything. But to be honest, we are going through a naked period right now and I'm praying it ends soon!

As a stylist, you must have had strong opinions on how you'd dress your son before he even arrived. Has it changed at all?

I shopped like a maniac when I was pregnant. His closet was overflowing with items and I brought 10 all-black options to the hospital for the day he arrived. I was so nervous! It was like fitting a new client!


How would you describe Duke Alexander in three words?

No fuss cool.

We're sure your celeb clients are loving it for their kids. What's the feedback been like thus far?

Really positive. I was worried people would hate it, but so far so good! We have also been surprised how well the custom adult shirts have been doing. I thought it was just me that liked walking around town with my kid's name on my arms but, it turns out that other moms want to represent as well!

In what ways has motherhood changed your work philosophy?

I’ve always been a workaholic but now it has made me want to work even harder. I just want my son to be proud of me!

And how has it affected your style?

No nice sweaters! I have learned very quickly that kids and cashmere do not go well together.