Fashion Mamas SF Turns Two!

Photos courtesy of Christine Hanks

Like most other 2-year-olds, our San Francisco chapter seems to be growing and evolving by the minute, and we’re so proud of how far it’s come in such a short time. We’re also thrilled about all the fantastic, unique SF mamas that have joined our tribe from the beginning until now. That said, our two year anniversary was the perfect time so celebrate our successes, which of course we did the only way we know how: with sweet treats, gifts galore, and quality bonding time.

Our celebratory brunch, which was hosted by our 2018 baby gear sponsor Cybex, took place at Saje Natural Wellness’ Fillmore Street storefront on Friday, September 14th and a crew of local members (joined by our founder Natalie Alcala who flew in from LA for the occasion with her new babe, Rio Rose) stopped by for the festivities. In addition to sipping Boxed Water and juice drinks from Project Juice and nibbling treats from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, guests were treated to gifts from Cybex and Saje, as well as Babyganics and more. But what we loved even more than all the goodies abound was the stories and laughs shared between mamas — from the newly minted to our Day Ones. Cheers to another year!