Meet Helen Ashikian: LA Mama and Founder & CEO of Baby Gold

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Helen Ashikian

“Be diligent, prioritize, and focus on your overall BIG goal.”

What do you do and what led you to this career?

I am a jewelry designer and founder & CEO of I worked for almost a decade in private label jewelry production, and designed and produced jewelry for many major brands found in Barneys, Netaporter and other larger boutiques. Realizing the void in children's jewelry and customizable fine jewelry, I decided to create Baby Gold.

What is the name and age of your little ones?

Olivia Eva is six years old, and Sienna Marie is three years old.

What has been your biggest career achievement thus far?

Launching Baby Gold after 3 years of designing product and website development.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a mother?

Seeing things through the eyes of innocent, fun loving kids is the most rewarding part of motherhood. Sure, hugs and kisses are selfishly and obsessively amazing, but the true lasting reward is the perspective we get from experiencing things as an adult with our children - such as the first time they pick out their own clothes or the first time they walk or talk. It makes me challenge the way i live and not to take things so seriously all the time. That is an everlasting reward.

And what is the most challenging?

The biggest challenge i have as a mother is mom guilt. Am I doing enough? Am i missing out on things while working? Am i being an enabler and micromanaging too much? The constant self doubt is challenging, but questions are how we explore and become better so i guess its yin & yang.

What is your best advice for someone new to your industry?

Be diligent, prioritize, and focus on your overall BIG goal. As far as day to day tasks I’m all about "chunking". I focus on 3 things each day that i need to get done, and before i know it, those 3 things lead to other things and it spirals into productivity. When i focus on too much all at once it becomes overwhelming, so i have an easier time of finding distractions or becoming disengaged.

What is your best advice for a new mother?

Trust your instincts and don’t compare you or your child to others. I did this so often when i had my second child. I would always say "but Olivia would eat so well, but Olivia was walking by her age, etc.” I learned that I need to trust my gut and do what’s comfortable for me and my kids. Forcing an action or behavior onto myself or my kids because that’s how others did it is so wrong. Every child is unique and every mom deserves to raise her kids with peace of mind. If sleep training is too exhausting for you, let it be. If you co-sleep, don’t have guilt for it. I mean, as long as you aren’t harming yourself or your kids, there is no perfect way or answer.

What's next for you? Do you have an exciting projects coming up?

We have huge plans for Mother’s Day that we can’t reveal yet, and we are also expanding our baby boy collection. Personally, I’m planning to go for my 3rd baby soon! All great things, all blessings!

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