Meet Bethann Wagner: LA Mama, Blogger, and Digital Media Strategist

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Bethann Wagner

“You need to be YOU all the time, no excuses. Share your uniqueness.”

What do you do and what led you to this career?

I worked in Corporate America (YouTube!) as a fashion and beauty strategist helping creators build their brands. I thought, I need to create content to learn more about my partners' struggles and I have been working on my creator brand Bethanimalprint ever since.

What are the names and ages of your children?

I have 2: Harlowe is 7 and Gunnar is 3.

What has been your biggest career achievement thus far?

Helping build the partner program at YouTube and paving the way for fashion and beauty creators like myself to have a voice in the industry.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a mother?

When I see them being kind to others or hear about something kind they've done. It's instant sunshine.

And what is the most challenging?

Making sure they aren't jerks.

What is your best advice for someone new to your industry?

Stay true to yourself. There is no shortage of talented, beautiful people out there trying to build a brand as a content creator. There is enough room for everyone. You need to be YOU all the time, no excuses. Share your uniqueness.

What is your best advice for a new mother?

Give yourself grace. I talk to so many women on social media and in real-life that are eager to get their body back and they want advice or to hear what I did. I say, 'what's the rush?' Don't make getting back in to shape a priority for the first year unless you're a Victoria's Secret Angel and your career depends on it.

What's next for you? Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I have a few I've been manifesting and busting my ass on so hopefully there's great news to share soon!

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