Maude Makes Chic Sex Products That Women Can Really Vibe With


Photos courtesy of Maude

Let's just be frank: intimacy is an important part of most people's lives, whether or not you're in a relationship and whether or not you're a mama. In fact, since so many modern moms have a lot of hats to wear — mother, boss, employee, partner, friend, the list goes on — it can be a cornerstone of the self-care we so desperately need to feel good about ourselves. That said, some of us — even as grown-ass women — can feel intimidated, excluded, or just simply put-off to our options in terms of shopping sex products. Luckily, NYC-based brand Maude noticed that gap in the market and launched a line of lubricant, personal massagers, and condoms that were designed without the antiquated and gendered approach that dominates the market.


Just about a year since its launch, Maude has already gotten love from fashionable publications like Vogue, WWD, and InStyle who have praised the brand's accessibility, inclusivity, and minimalist aesthetics. And the stylishness of the line is no surprise considering its founders: Eva Goicochea was a brand advisor for Steven Alan and worked in social media and culture at Everlane, and Dina Epstein handled product design at Kiki de Montparnasse. The love children of their union includes an organic, pH-balanced lubricant ($25) that wouldn't look out of place next to the most high-end beauty products in your vanity, natural latex condoms in peel-open "buttercup" containers, and a powerful silicone vibrator that looks more like a chic paperweight ($45). 

In addition to being available to purchase from its website — with discrete shipping to your home — Maude is sold at select boutiques and upscale hotels that are furthering the brand's message that shopping sex essentials doesn't have to come with a stigma. Rather, it can be pretty damn stylish. 

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