How Intuitive Healer Amanda Daniels Discovered Her True Calling


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kleinman

In every person's life, there are inevitable turning points: whether they stem from a deep tragedy or a tremendously joyous event. After these moments, things will never be the same again. Such a life-altering point in time can shift us — ready or not — into the person we were always meant to be, which was the case for intuitive healer Amanda Daniels

Although she recognized her gift of clairvoyance in her teens, it wasn't until Daniels was challenged by a major health scare that she would understand her purpose and learn to embrace her intuition — both for herself and to help others. What resulted from her battle with heart disease was a desire to connect more deeply with herself. On that journey she found her calling, helping both adults and children understand and process grief. In addition to offering readings, Amanda started Flight, an online resource where she offers curated crystal pouches and other tools for those who can't book a session, and she co-founded a support group for women with heart disease. The native Angeleno also happens to be a loving mama of three girls, which prompted us to ask how her gifts have affected the kind of mothers she's become, her most memorable moment in a reading, and how she survived her "heartquake."


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kleinman

You frequently use the term "heartquake." Can you explain what it means and how you came about it?

At 18 years old I was diagnosed with heart disease; heart failure at 25. That’s when I coined the word heartquake. It’s that moment when you realize that your life will never be the same. Like a massive earthquake that shakes up everything. My heartquake came in the form of a medical diagnosis, which meant a complete lifestyle change. Someone else's might be the loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, addiction, or financial chaos. The pain of suffering through heartquake will force you to ignite the light that’s always resided within you. That’s how I came up with my brand, Flight: Force x Light = Flight. As you move through a heartquake, you'll develop a strength that you never knew you had. Everything will shift as you gain a new perspective and take flight. 

In your search to heal your heart condition, what one thing made the biggest impact on your health and happiness?

Right after my diagnosis, I was put on heart meds, and I still take them to this day. So, I believe in modern medicine just as much as I believe in alternative forms of healing. I was always an athlete. I ate healthy. I should’ve been the poster child for good heart health. But, I was also fearful of the world and a complete stress case. Research has shown that there’s a direct correlation between stress and heart health, especially for women.

I learned how to de-stress and take care of my mental health. I started a meditation practice, went on a crazy spiritual journey through my past lives, trained with a shaman to be a medicine woman, a healer, and reconnected with my authentic self. Rather than putting myself down and giving everything of my heart to others, I started doing the most important work anyone can do — the inner work of self discovery. I looked at my old patterns and made a complete lifestyle shift on the emotional and spiritual level. I learned about the powers of self love and acceptance.

How did your spiritual path then lead to working with kids and grief?

I was born a clairvoyant psychic medium, which means that I had the ability to see spirit as a young child. I felt different and weird. All I wanted was to fit in that “normal” box. I shut down my psychic gifts, like so many people do without knowing it. When I was diagnosed with heart disease my real work started. Being born a highly sensitive child, and now raising three sensitive children, I think it’s important to give our kids as many tools as possible to function in today’s fast paced world. I also help children identify their strengths, and empower them with tools to understand how to self regulate their emotions especially when they’re empaths and pick up emotions of others. Kids are really drawn to my crystal tools, too. Especially the nighttime rituals to help calm their mind.


Photo courtesy of @prescribedbythesun (L) and Stephanie Kleinman (R)

What was the most memorable moment you have in terms of your intuitive sessions?

I have many! Just sitting with my clients every day is a profound experience. It’s amazing how much baggage we all carry around. Here’s a story: a few years ago a woman had driven a distance to come see me and ask about a loved one. “One day he just left,” she’d said, “He’s gone.” I always start my readings by giving a disclaimer: I never know who or what will come through. Initially, I couldn’t feel him or connect. I was struggling. Then I asked for a photo to help me tune in to his energy and that’s when it all started flowing.

Once I saw the picture, he started coming to me. He felt like a failure and that it was better that he didn’t present himself because of all the damage he’d caused the family. I went straight into their last conversation, and his ultimate death. As a healer, I help not only my client sitting in front of me, but we also work through healing the souls who've departed with unresolved business. One of my universal symbols is that of a white rose. When I see it through my clairvoyant side it’s asking my client for forgiveness. To help give her some peace of mind and have them connect through me was one of the many amazing experiences. It’s what keeps me going, because this work can definitely be energetically draining.

How has your experience with your health struggles affected the kind of mother you became?

When I was diagnosed with heart failure my doctors told me that I could never have children. At that time, the strength of my heart was too weak and the medications were dangerous for a fetus. I’m super close to my mom. It’s something I guess I took for granted, having children. It took years of medication. I had a cardiac ablation where they burned five sections of my heart, and underwent a powerful spiritual journey to get my heart strong enough for the doctor to give us the green light to have children. I say “us” because my pregnancies were all categorized as high risk. My husband and I met with a high risk OBGYN specialist and decided to take the chance. We have three beautiful children, ages 11, 8 and 19 months. I feel grateful for them and our little family every single day. I believe in soul contracts, meaning that our children choose us prior to birth, so that we can all learn and evolve from each other. My children have become my greatest teachers. Especially when it comes to patience!

And what about your experience as an intuitive?

Well one thing I learned pretty quickly is that I can help other people with my gifts but I’ve been blindsided in my own life. I work hard at putting up my boundaries when I’m not in my healing studio otherwise I’m bombarded with messages for other people and that gets in the way of my role as mom. I have my own human stuff that to deal with. 

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