YouTubers Sharzad Kiadeh & Susan Yara Share Their Top Tips for Aspiring Vloggers


Photo: @sharzadkiadeh

If we could choose any two beauty pros to give makeovers to our cosmetics kits while providing comedic commentary, we'd pick YouTubers and Fashion Mamas LA members Sharzad Kiadeh and Susan Yara. Long before starting For All Moms channel on YouTube, the duo had been creating and collaborating on professionally-produced, expert-driven beauty videos at a time when the digital platform was dominated by vlogger content geared towards teens.

So how'd the dream team come to be? Let's rewind to the very beginning: A professional makeup artist, Kiadeh started her blog, LuxLyfe, and began making her own own YouTube videos as a way to pave a path to a future hosting gig. Yara kicked off her career in New York as an on-camera news reporter before moving into the digital space and focusing on beauty; she eventually founded Mixed Makeup on YouTube in 2014.

The duo met six years ago when Kiadeh introduced herself to Yara at a beauty conference. (In fact, Kiadeh was eyeing a job at PopSugar Beauty that Yara was about to leave, but more on that in a minute!) Since then, the two women have continued to create videos for moms and beauty buffs over on their personal YouTube channels as well as on The SASS on Mixed Makeup, where together they explore the newest (and sometimes craziest) beauty treatments and trends.

Here, the two mamas of boys share how they became a dream team, what inspired them to choose YouTube over other social media outlets, their top tips for aspiring vloggers, and more — read it all below.

In a nutshell, how did the two of you meet?

SK: We get asked this all the time — we made a video on my personal YouTube channel where we go into detail, but basically it involves me being a fangirl and borderline stalker of Susan.

SY: She wasn’t exactly a stalker, but I definitely thought she was crazy. Turns out — she is! That’s why I like her.

What inspired you to choose YouTube as a platform over other media?

SK: I think YouTube is the most fun social outlet. I get to be wild and show off my personality on camera while connecting with people on a more intimate level.

SY: I also think YouTube, in some ways, is easier to figure out. You just have to be informative, entertaining, or both to make it work.

How would you describe the FAM channel?

SK: FAM is a place where we have REAL CONVERSATIONS about what’s going on in our lives as moms. We get to share stories, laughs and experiences with our parent friends and experts.

SY: There’s nothing like it! We’ve seen moms sharing their real lives on their own channels or social outlets, but never a show where parents come together to discuss.

As longtime beauty & lifestyle vloggers, what were you seeing (or not seeing) on YouTube that inspired you to create FAM together?

SK: In general there are a lot of people that fake the funk on the internet. It’s boring and annoying. Susan and I have always prided ourselves on keeping things real, in life, on the internet, and everywhere in between. FAM is an extension of the honest conversations we were having with each other about motherhood. We come from diverse backgrounds, have open minds and want to have unfiltered, vulnerable conversations. I certainly don’t see people doing that online.

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How do you hope other women benefit from following your channel?

SK: As we all know motherhood is a wild ride that can feel isolating, scary, frustrating and confusing. We hope anyone who watches FAM feels like they have someone to relate to — we’re going through the same thing as them.

SY: We’re also building a community of moms (dads are welcome too!) who live around the world and come together to talk, support each other, and give advice.

As entrepreneurs, how has motherhood changed your approach to your careers? 

SK: I’m one efficient mofo!

SY: I’m a newer mom, so I’ve had to accept the reality that my career took a little bit of a hit last year when I first had my baby. My company Mixed Makeup was busier than ever, but I was having a hard time keeping up and I lost a lot of my hustle, which is reflected now—a year later. I’m only JUST picking up the pieces to make sure everything continues to function correctly.

What are three parenting items that you can't live without right now and why?

SK: Balls. So many balls. I have two boys so there are a lot of balls in my house. I can’t live without balls. Oh and toy cars and books.

SY: A safety gate (I really like the stair barrier because it isn’t ugly), snacks — lots and lots of snacks, and the third is between the sleep sack or the white noise machine. Both contribute to my toddler’s sleep. We like when he sleeps.

What are your top tips for other women who want to be successful on YouTube?

SK: The most important thing is to just start! Don’t wait for the perfect time. Dive in head-first, be consistent, be creative, continue to evolve, get better and don’t get discouraged. It can take years to get where you want to be.

SY: Take a class on SEO: Search Engine Optimization. It still matters. It still works.

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