The 10 Best Quotes From Our International Women's Day Panel

Photos: Marisa Vitale

In honor of International Women's Day, we hosted a very special edition of our #MamasMakingIt panel in partnership with Monica + Andy. We took over the beloved baby brand's Santa Monica Place guideshop on Thursday, March 8 to hear from four inspiring Fashion Mamas LA members: Wellness star Dr. Deepika Chopra, designer Rachel Pally, vegan chef and model Porsche Thomas, and Our Sacred Women founder Eileen Rosete

Moderated by Fashion Mamas founder Natalie Alcala (who's expecting her second little one!), the discussion covered everything from our panelists unique career journeys to women's rights, challenges, and achievements to how these successful women manage professional obstacles and competition. Guests enjoyed mocktails and smoothies by Little Spoon and healthy bites Beaming, and attendees also shopped Monica + Andy's special International Women's Day blanket in partnership with GOOD+ Foundation.

Below, see the 10 best quotes from our inspiring event; shout out to Monica + Andy for hosting us for the morning! — Additional reporting by Anne Guerre

On Motherhood

“For the first time, I actually set intentions for the year — at the end of 2017. Although I felt like having kids is hard and being a first-time mom is hard, I felt like it was becoming an excuse for why I wasn’t getting things done. Half of that list will be done by the end of this month!” — Porsche Thomas

"Your best is good enough." — Natalie Alcala

On Social Media

“I think it’s important to be real — it’s a responsibility of ours. I’m really passionate about transparency, especially on social media." — Deepika Chopra

On Finding Balance

“It’s all about finding work-life balance — well, more a life-work balance.” — Porsche Thomas

"Because I don’t pressure myself to be perfect, I can function." — Rachel Pally

On Expectations

“Being an optimist doctor, I make sure to let everyone know that I’m working on every single damn day too. I’m not the most optimistic person ever, and that’s what an optimist is. Someone who feels like they can work on something, and who knows their problems are temporary, but they know that there are problems.” — Deepika Chopra

“It’s not that I have it all, I don’t, but I’m realistic about it. I’m okay to share it.” — Rachel Pally

"I focus on being my best self." — Porsche Thomas

On Imitators

“It doesn’t matter if it’s H&M or a small shop, you want to be consistent [when handling copy cats].” — Eileen Rosete

"You have to pick your battles sometimes." — Rachel Pally

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