OG Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith on Designing Her New Baby Line and Her Fave Motherhood Memories


Photos: Kmart

As the not-so-old adage goes, "age ain't nothin' but a number" — and nobody can attest to this more than actress Jaclyn Smith. After breaking out in the '70s as Kelly Garrett on Charlie's Angels (in fact, she was the only star who remained on the series throughout its five-season run), Smith continued acting while raising her two children and designing successful line of clothing and home furnishings for Kmart, making her among the first celebrities to create her very own brand.

Now a proud grandma to 1-year-old Bea, the Texas-bred actress and designer recently launched Spencer by Jaclyn Smith her first line of infant clothing with Kmart. Named after her daughter (and new mama) Spencer Margaret Richmond, the collection is comprised of charming onesies, super-soft layette sets, cozy knitwear, receiving blankets, and more baby essentials in sizes from newborn to 12 months. Priced at $19.99 to $29.99, the giftable pieces come in chic gift boxes, making them perfect for upcoming baby showers.

We joined our friends at Bump Club and Beyond for the collection's LA launch event at Kmart, where we got to know the age-defying star (we still can't believe she's actually a grandma) and her daughter, Spencer Margaret. Read on to find out the motherhood moments she cherishes most, what she loved about designing the line, and more, then shop the line exclusively at Kmart in stores and online.


Your granddaughter just turned 1, which is so exciting!  What do you love most about being a grandmother so far?

Jaclyn: Being a mother is bigger than life to me, and this other one comes along and you think, "I'm going to be laid back." But I'm just so in love with [Bea] that I have a hard time not being hands-on. I want her all the time! She's my daughter's baby and I have to step back sometimes because I think she's mine. She's just part mine!"

What are some of the most interesting lessons in motherhood that you've both learned from each other?

Spencer Margaret: I definitely see my mom in a new light. I have a new perspective on all the choices she made and [I'm] probably more sensitive. It's been amazing. I've always respected [her], but I have a whole newfound respect.

Jaclyn: For me, seeing your daughter be a mother, it's a different generation. When I think of what I knew when I was pregnant and what she knew when she was pregnant, she knew more. And here I thought I knew everything! But what you can learn on the internet and just her whole way of bringing Brea into the world was pretty amazing to me. She was so prepared and so brave and so ready for everything. I was sort of sometimes nervous and she wasn't. So it's kind of nice to see how relaxed she is.


What was your favorite aspect about designing the collection, and which pieces do you love most?

Jaclyn: They're all favorites! The prints [and] the artwork [are] enchanting; the knits, the fabrics — Spencer Margaret is responsible for the subtlety and the colors, the dustier colors instead of just bright pinks and blues and the heather gray and the evergreen and the navy for the boys. [For] the gift boxes, we have a great team [and] I can't compliment [Kmart enough] for letting us have the sophistication of what we wanted and our choice of fabrics.

As a mother of two, what were some of the most frustrating and cherished moments over the years?

Jaclyn: Always homework, because I was too into it. And with this one (Spencer Margaret), eating. She'd only eat chicken and rice. 

Spencer Margaret: Not her (Bea), she's eating curry!

Jaclyn: [Laughs] She did not want to eat, she wasn't an eater. My son, he'd stay by my bed until I'd go to sleep. This one [would say] "He's scared again?" She was very brave, and I'd put on this little tape [called] Summer Friend and she'd just listen to it and go to sleep. This one was also a little, she'd stay in her room and she'd take every toy out and all of a sudden they were up to a ceiling and very messy. My son, very organized. They're so different, you'll see!