A Tribute to Our Partners on Father's Day

Photo: @melrwhite

While being a mother with a demanding career is definitely a daily balancing act, we're quick to acknowledge that our partners play a tremendous part in helping us making it work. Whether it's our little one's biological father or someone we're dating who's stepping into the role, there's nothing sweeter than seeing them create their own memories in our child's life. Here, Fashion Mamas members share the most thoughtful activities or rituals that our husbands or significant others have created with our babes. Happy Father's Day! 

"I love when my husband gives me a little break every weekend by taking Diego with him on an epic grocery run. Diego excitedly says "Market!" And they always come home with lots of delicious things. Recently I walked to my workout while they were out, and when my class was over they surprised me at the studio so I didn't have to walk back."

Natalie Alcala, founder of Fashion Mamas and freelance fashion editor

"They go to the park and Tomato Pie for pineapple pizza." 

— Michelle Chaplin, owner and designer of Ultra Violet Kids 

"My husband is an aviation enthusiast, and is raising his kids in the same vein: He takes them to the park adjacent to LAX to watch the planes land on the runway — and they love it: "We got to see big airplanes with daddy today, mommy!"

Alice Dubin, travel and food editor at BravoTV.com 

"Every single morning, my husband wakes up earlier than me and the kids, takes our dog out and then makes both children breakfast before we both take them to school. And on weekends I get to sleep in until 9, unless we have something to get to early. Having breakfast and sleep covered every day by my husband makes me so happy!"

— Ashley Usich-Iha, owner and designer of Fawn Baby 

"I love how he plays with them at the park. I mean, he really plays. It's like he's one of the kids. So much that all the kids at the park know his name. So sweet! Even sweeter that I can kick my heels up, relax and check FB."

— Abigail Genevieve, founder of Weebee

"My husband concocted a chocolate-chip-banana pancake recipe from scratch that he makes for our son every morning. He uses coconut oil, flax seed, organic eggs, organic whole milk, etc. It's our son's main source of calories and fat as his diet is otherwise mostly fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. He cooks it with so much love, and our son gobbles it up!"

— Samantha Slaven-Bick, founder of Samantha Slaven Publicity

"Brandon plays a mystery game with the boys, and I'm not allowed to play it. In fact, I don't know what the game is. Also, he sings to them at night and they sing along. He has a horrible voice, but it's really cute."

— Marie Rafferty, CEO of 5 Fashion Group

"Daddy-and-daughter camping trips each summer. He said he loves to see the gradual change he sees in her once she's fully relaxed and out in nature — so happy."

— Caroline Rothwell, president of CARO Marketing

"My hubs and son just started doing a thing this week, where Garrett will go pick out a stuffed animal for his dad to take to work. Today, our son picked his sock monkey and my hubs asked what he thought he should do with it at work and he said 'stuff on the computer.' I asked Grant (hubs) to send a pic of Mr. Sock Monkey working on the computer and this is what he sent!"

— Cammeo Messana Murray, blogger at Cammeo Head to Toe

"Ron takes the boys golfing every Saturday morning. The boys get so excited for it and it's totally their special dude time!"

— Samantha Gutstadt, founder of SamSoMuch

"My husband builds obstacle courses with our kids. Sometimes it's for them to run thru and other times he builds it for them to run Hot Wheels thru. The kids are fascinated with his creativity!"

— Trisha Vuong, video content creator at Juice Box Media

"There's a million things I could say about my husband and our boys, but one thing I love the most is that my husband is the bedtime storyteller in our house. He likes to read to the boys using different accents or he'll speed read it as fast as he can and make us all laugh. It's something the boys (and I) look forward to every night."

— Patricia Redding Williams, owner and designer of Black i Boys

"Daddy-and-daughter dates are a big hit in our house. My little girl gets spoiled by 100% time with dad, and it is free time for me, too! Everyone gets a little break, and she loves it so much. Usually they eat donuts, go to the park, play games or watch movies, but it's special time just for the two of them and I love watching it happen."

— Megan Elizabeth, artist

"Since we don't have any family here in LA, my husband and I take turns with our two-year-old daughter! I rest three days and he rests the other three days, but what I love the most about him is that he is a musician and he plays the piano to her and takes her with her scooter! She is obsessed with her dad because he is the 'adventurous' one."

— Pamela Romo de Abella, vintage curator and fashion editor at The Juliet Shop

"My husband loves to take our daughter to the beach and to the pool — he wants her to be a strong swimmer. She's only 17 months old, but he is really looking forward to teaching her how to surf!"

— Andria Sato, owner of Lilikoi Designer + Letterpress

"Definitely when he takes her out to go on a breakfast date. It's the sweetest thing. They FaceTime me and show me what they are eating."

— Melanie White, CEO and designer of Melanie Marie

"My husband does millions of different fun things with our son. They almost always involve ice cream and almost never involve a nap."

— Melissa Gould McNeely, wardrobe stylist and costume designer

"It's so cute when I come home and my husband plays with the children. They play make believe and make up all these awesome games and characters! I also love when the twins are in the studio with my husband. He has already taught Juliet how to DJ!" 

— Veronique Vicari Barnes, owner of Ice Cream Castles

"Every morning, Chad takes Zion into Topanga State Park (across the street) in his hiking pack on his back and they do a 45-minute hike to look for animals. Zion squeaks when the pack comes out because he's so excited to hike with his dad. It also gives mama time to drink a cup of coffee and start my day." 

Lara Bandler Hogan, founder of The Co-Op


— Ria Faust, founder of Sugarcane SF

"I love to watch my husband introduce some of his favorite things to my 10-month-old son and see how quickly he takes to them. They already have such an incredible bond and I can't wait to see it grow. My husband taught him to high five, they love to watch Canadiens, Giants and Yankees games together and he can evoke a giggle out of our little guy that is completely unique to their interactions."

— Kelly Kupper Sullivan, beauty and fashion publicist

"He gardens with my older one, makes waffles, reads her stories about inspiring women, takes her on the electric skateboard, scooter, bike, and takes her to Home Depot with him. Super cute!"

— Nicole Paggi Brooks, designer of Naomi Gray Jewelry

"Lance loves to take Indy to the beach, sharing a milkshake, he likes to watch him ride ponies and they eat chips and salsa together and watch movies. It's pretty cute."

— Natascha Snellman, founder of Hey Babe!

My guy sings to our little four-month-old dumpling. When he sings Old McDonald, he makes the funniest faces and noises and Jack just cracks up. We also bought a children's book in France and it's hilarious watching my husband try to read the French story without really knowing what he's reading."

— Cheryl Eng, retail strategist at Apple

"My husband's weeknight ritual with the kids is to take a stroll around Silver Lake after dinner and discuss 'life.' His weekend ritual is to snuggle together with them to read books, and then make pancakes together for breakfast."

— Christine Chang, founder of Red Thread International

"I love when my husband lets me sleep even 30 minutes more so he can make the kids morning and I can wake up naturally instead of when the kiddos wake. It really shifts the entire day to not be 'on' at all moments and have this time to connect with myself."

— Sophie Jaffe, founder of Philosophie

"I love that my husband and Jax's time is boxing. It's their thing and bonding time. And every Saturday, he makes her breakfast and they let me sleep in while they go train, so I have half the day to myself."

— Luddivina Bowes, owner and co-founder of Rich Honey

"For as long as I can remember, my husband Chris has gotten up with our daughter Noa at dawn and taken her out for breakfast while I sleep in. While I relish the gift of sleeping in every morning, and I'm sure I'm a better mama/human because of it, even better is how much he treasures this ritual with her — it's the most important part of his day."

— Hanah Snavely, marketing director at SKINGRAFT

"My husband loves to take our son to Giants games. They ride the muni 'train!' to the ballpark and takes him on the slides within the park. He also takes my boys on stroller walks to Starbucks if he has time in the mornings while I sleep in. Winning!"

— Jessie Shriber, designer and creator of Modern Blocks

"My husband values my rest and well-being and will always take Clovis so I can have 'me time.' He often has silly conversations in French with Clovis and now with the hot weather, let's him run around 'au natural' chasing him while they share giggles."

— Natalie Woo, program manager at Google and illustrator